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GM: Derek


Ec cauldron01

Transcribed by James
In Game Date: July 2006
Episode: 09


Tasked by Ramirez of the White Council with discovering how and why street gangs have gained supernatural power in Seattle JACK YOUNGBLOOD looked to his friends to help him. ZEBADIAH ZEBULON EZEKIEL JEROME EINARwas to evaluate Jack’s performance for the Council and determine if he will be promoted to the rank of a Full Warden.

Jack called DETECTIVE-LIEUTENANT ROY MULLENIX, who just happened to be teaching a self defense seminar with Osamu “Awesome” Nishimura (西村修), and asked them to look into recent attacks on the Pack in WEST SEATTLE by gang bangers who exhibited inhuman strength. He also contacted his old buddy IVAN IVANOVICH to see if he had heard anything and to give Jack some backup since BRUNO WALSH (Jack’s usual bodyguard) had been an unfortunate victim of the gang violence and was in the hospital. They all met at the Rat and the Raven and worked out a plan.

Detective Mullenix began doing some research and found out that a small time gang known as the Cross Street Kings had been involved in moving in on Pack territory. Their previous leader, Axel, had been arrested and jailed by Detective Mullenix during a bar brawl with a dock worker several weeks before. The CSKs were primarily known for small time jobs like car theft and some light drug sales but had never been all that violent. They certainly didn’t have the kind of muscle needed to challenge the Pack. Until 6 weeks ago that is.

Zeb, who used his credentials as a consultant, accompanied Roy to interrogate Axel who was in prison for 8 more months. Detective Mullenix made a deal with Axel, reducing his sentence, and discovered that the new leader of the CSK was Ricky Baxter AKA “R-Dawg”.

Meanwhile, Ivan and Osamu accompanied Jack to meet his old friend from the CSKs, Eladio Buenez, at the Triangle in West Seattle. LADDI and Jack ran together in the CSKs and he told Jack about how R-Dawg, now called BISHOP had taken over the gang and started moving in on the Pack. Laddi, having a healthy sense of self preservation now that he was a father, is not running with them anymore but he did tell Jack of a museum robbery 7 weeks ago. It seemed Bishop changed after that and kept several items associated with the Catholic Faith. Laddi also mentioned that the CSK tried to kidnapped one of Jack’s old girlfriends, CLAIRE REDWOOD.

Roy and Zeb looked into that robbery and learned that the items that were stolen included vestments and some rings used by several Bishops who were closely associated with the Inquisition. It seems like they could be items of power that have some properties enabling their wielder to resist magic.

Jack, Ivan and Osamu went to CAPITOL HILL but found Claire’s apartment empty and locked. They then met with BEATRICE ADDISON, Claire’s mentor in Biokinesis and her boss at Edge of the Circle Books. “Aunt B” told Jack that Claire was taken 6 weeks ago and the police have been no help. According to Aunt B Claire has the ability to empower mortals with supernatural strength using Biokinesis which might explain their new found power. She gave Jack some of Claire’s personal items so Jack can use divination to find her.

Jack headed home and tried to do the location ritual and failed miserably as “Rosary Tinged Lightning” slammed into his mind giving him a blinding headache. At this point the group decided to stake out some of the CSKs territory and see if they could learn more.

They found three members of the CSK at the liquor store on 15th Ave SW and 98th in White Center. Roy hung back so he wouldn’t give Jack away too much while Ivan went into the liquor store to get some Vodka and Osamu and Zeb went into the White Center Supermarket across from the liquor store. Jack talked to the bangers trying to convince them that he had heard about how Bishop is doing such an impressive job and making tons of money and Jack wants in on it. The ganger, having heard of Jack’s exploits from back in the day, called Bishop. After talking for a few moments he returned and caught Jack completely by surprise by punching him which knocked him flying across the parking lot into a car. Jack only survived the supernaturally powerful blow because of the spells he had woven into his jacket but even still had 3 cracked ribs.

Osamu and Ivan immediately backed Jack up engaging the other gang members in hand to hand combat while Zeb used magic to daze the thugs with a powerful blast of sonic energy. Roy grabbed his shotgun from his car and charged around to the fight. The leader attacked Jack again to little effect. Jack used his magic to summoned the local spirits and ghosts in the area momentarily making them visible to the human eye and sent them to harrow the gangers. Unfortunately, the spell went out of control as spirits poured into the surrounding areas scaring several bystanders in a shrieking storm of ghosts.

Osamu channelled his Ki defeating his opponent who, while stronger, was no match for his superior skill. Zeb cast a spell at one of the gangers after realizing they were “Overclocked” causing his target to cramp up painfully while Ivan smashed his foe with a well placed bottle of vodka to the head. Afterwards Roy, threatening with the shotgun, caused his surrender. The final thug attempted to escape but Zeb used magic to cause him to float helplessly in the air capturing him as well.




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