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GM: Derek


Ec blood streets02

Transcribed by James
In Game Date: July 2006
Episode: 10

In the aftermath of the battle at the liquor store JACK YOUNGBLOOD and IVAN IVANOVICH quickly left the scene with an unconcious CSK under cover of a veil while DETECTIVE-LIEUTENANT ROY MULLENIX and Osamu “Awesome” Nishimura (西村修) stayed and had the other gangers arrested. Osamu was credited as a hero for stopping the gangers rampage. Before leaving Jack attempted to help a poor woman who was attacked by the spirits of his out of control spell but on some level she sensed he was the one who caused the attack and was little help. Luckily Osamu was able to provide her with some solace.

Jack and Ivan took their unconcious prisoner to AUNT B to see if she could shed some light on what gave them their supernatural strength and how to combat it. She was able to confirm that Biomancy was the cause and that CLAIRE REDWOOD was involved. They also learned that by overclocking their bodies the gangers were doing harm to themselves.

Jack and Ivan left Aunt B to heal their captive but not before interrogating him first. They learned that R-Dawg or BISHOP as he now called himself basically hung out at the same places especially at an old Cross Street King’s favorite, Majestic Motors.

They let the CSK go realizing that he wouldn’t give any more information but not before Jack hid a pencil on the ganger that he had broken in half and infused with essence. With this he would be able to track him.

Meanwhile ZEBADIAH ZEBULON EZEKIEL JEROME EINAR went to Jack’s house. He used ritual magic on blood he aquired at the scene and with a little consulting of JOHN FRANCIS YOUNGBLOOD JR.’s library was able to create a way to negate the Biomancy enhancements the CSKs enjoy.

The CSKs that were arrested by the cops were quickly bailed out and Osamu used his Ki abilities to cloak himself in shadow and to follow them. He followed one to an old apartment building and used enhanced hearing to listen in on them but it proved to be of little help.

The whole group met at Jack’s and with a little discussion decided to see if they could get some information from the CSK’s rivals in the Pack. Jack set up a meet with LOBO at a casino who was unimpressed with his attempts at getting information out of him. He told Jack that he knew the CSKs would be at an old abandoned store front the next evening. Luckily Jack wasn’t taken in by Lobo’s story and realized he was being set up.

After “helping” Osamu out with some “styling” threads (IE garish 80s clothing) so he could be more American Jack and the entire group went to the building to scout it out the next day. Jack set up a ritual using some glass from a broken window and a broken TV set to give him a way to see what the Kings were doing there while observing them in an abandoned hotel a block away. They learned that the CSKs were there to ambush the Pack and take them down. If they had just walked in like Lobo wanted them to they would have been cut down by the Kings. Jack will have to have a little discussion with Lobo at some point in the future.

At this point it was decided they should try to negate the ganger’s enhancements with water in the hopes that they would go back to Claire Redwood to get them again leading the party to them. Zeb, with some help from Ivan, used water magic to burst the building’s pipes drenching them. They came running out of the building and even with the veil they noticed Jack’s footprints and took off. But not before Detective Mullinex placed a cell phone on one of the cars while Jack used his pencil trick to put trackers on them as well. It is unknown whether they realize if their biomantic enhancements are gone or not.



Guys, I am a bit fuzzy about some of the details of the game so please feel free to edit the text I posted with any corrections or additions.


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