Campaign of the Month: November 2012



GM: Derek


Ec blood streets03

Transcribed by James
In Game Date: July 2006
Episode: 11

The party split up to follow the CSKs from the abandoned building with DETECTIVE MULLENIX, IVAN IVANOVICH and OSAMU following one vehicle back to the Cross Street King’s cul de sac while JACK YOUNGBLOOD and ZEBADIAH EINAR followed the other car to gangs other favorite hangout; Majestic Motors.

Jack and Zeb were alarmed to discover that Roy’s son, Michael did indeed get a job. Unfortunately, it was at the very same Majestic Motors that is the gangs main hangout. Jack knew this was no coincidence and called Roy from a payphone telling him he has to come get his son out of there. The garage was a front where the gang traditionally recruited new members. Jack feared that BISHOP’S motives were even more insidious than that. Roy picked his son up from the garage and on the way home explained the situation and through a combination of logic and pure bribery he was able to convince Michael to stay away from the garage.

While Roy took his son home Jack and Zeb head back over to the gangs “Jungle”. In a nearby playground Jack communed with the local spirits to find where CLAIRE REDWOOD was being held. He learned that there were 12 gangers in the main house and that Claire was being held in the basement along with a CSK that was altered into a huge Gorilla by Claire’s Biomancy. Bishop seemed to stay in the basement along with another guard. After a huge amount of discussion that lasted through the night and into the next day a plan of action was determined. Zeb would use ritual magic to make the gangers fall asleep throughout the house and the rest of the party would then sneak in and free Claire. Bishop would be immune to the ritual but they planned on waiting until when he usually goes to sleep before striking. Roy and the others helped gather materials for the ritual which was cast at sunset but would not take effect until around 3am.




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