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GM: James



Transcribed by: James
In Game date: September, 2011
Episode: 79

CHARLES SAMUEL KRESS, SOLOMON CASTOSTRANI and DAVID CLAY followed up on some leads in their case. They had a great deal of evidence to absolve LISA SHAN, whose family line was under Solomon’s protection, of any wrongdoing in the theft at the Seattle Waterfront warehouse earlier in the week. They were at the 13th Precinct in West Seattle speaking to Eugene “Grizzly” Grisby, the computer expert on contract with the police, finding irrefutable evidence that the computer logs for Shan’s storage space and the cameras had been tampered with in an attempt to frame her. The bearded millennial said that the falsified logs had to be an inside job. They decided they would have to look into who owned the storage facility to see if they could find any connections. But first they wished to clear Lisa’s good name.

David researched CASIMIR SOKOLOV and his business connections to see if he could find out any more information. The lawyer discovered that Sokolov was working directly with Novoship which was owned by a mysterious business man by the name of CHARLES GLUP. He also learned that Mr. Glup owned Vanguard Shipping and, most importantly, Vanguard Storage. Lisa Shan’s storage facility. They now had a connection. The falsified camera footage from the Vanguard Storage security cameras was clearly an inside job.

Excited the three took their evidence to DETECTIVE SAM VOLKOV, who was investigating the terrible murders on the waterfront that were somehow linked to the Shan case. He reviewed their findings and promised them it was sufficient to prove her innocence. He gave them some bad news. It seems that a gang war was in full swing between the Russian mafia and THE PACK. The Russians had hit The Pack with a drive by and thrown a bomb at them. Two members of the Pack were killed as well as a civilian. It seemed that war between the Russians and the Pack was inevitable and the streets would run with blood.

Volkov told them that they had managed to identify the police sketch of the young man that Charlie had seen at the school the previous day. It turns out that it was none other than the serial killer, BARRY GOLDMAN. Goldman was wanted for at least 6 homicides including his own mother and sister. He had also been party to the kidnapping of JACK YOUNGBLOOD’S younger sister, CAROLINE YOUNGBLOOD, but she had been saved from being sacrificed on an altar by the hero cop, ROY MULLENIX.

Volkov warned them that Goldman was extremely dangerous and explained that he was the one behind the THE UN-MAN that had been the undoing of their mutual friend, Jack. He made them swear to bring Goldman to the police for justice and advised them that they should speak to Jack or his wife, ABIGAIL WHARTON-YOUNGBLOOD about Goldman.

They accepted the detective’s demand and asked, in turn, if they could be permitted to visit the murder scene of VIC KOLWALSKI. They had admired the kindly union boss and hoped to use their singular talents to find out what had happened. Volkov readily agreed making the proper arrangements to have them visit the scene as consultants. He wouldn’t be able to get Charlie in though. Teenagers weren’t really acceptable at a murder scene. Charlie assured him it wouldn’t be a problem.

When they arrived at Vic’s house they found Doris grieving for her lost love and David went to console her without hesitation. Charlie used magic to veil himself and surveyed the crime scene, which had largely been poked through by the Seattle Police, and managed to find some strange tracks outside the house. They were of several men pushing a…cart? No. Not a cart. With a flash of intuition the young wizard realized that it was a wheel chair. So it must have been CASIMIR SOKOLOV!

Solomon, who was inextricably tied to the spirit world, found Vic’s ghost watching Doris weeping in David’s arms with great sadness. He approached the spirit and gently coaxed him into explaining what happened. Vic couldn’t offer much. He had heard a roar that froze him in his tracks and then was knocked to the ground by a massive beast. It was rearing back for the quick kill when a young man commanded it to stop. The tiger cried out in anger and for a moment the two struggled against each other for control. Vic realized that the beast was not cruel in and of itself. But the man was. He wanted to enjoy the kill. To savor Vic’s terror. The union boss said that as terrifying as the green eyed beast was it was the man who terrified him. His eyes were those of a madman. That was when a second older voice called out to the madman demanding he finish the job now. The madman cringed and looked fearful. In that momentary distraction the tiger struck Vic killing him instantly and without pain. A mercy killing. And that is all he remembered.

The three consulted about their new findings and speculated that Barry Goldman must be involved in some kind of power struggle with Sokolov. Perhaps Abi and Jack would be able to help them fill in the gaps. They decided to go to the Youngblood home on CAPITOL HILL.

When they arrived they all noticed immediately that something was wrong. They saw a massive man standing over the body of another person who was naked. It was dark and they could not see who the lurking figure was but they noticed with alarm that the other figure was bleeding from terrible wounds. They also noted that the front door was ajar and that there was a blood trail leading into the Youngblood home.

Not wanting to act rashly Solomon called out to the figure who turned out to be Jack’s best friend and sometime protector, BRUNO WALSH. He was kneeling over the injured man attempting to staunch his wounds. Bruno was alarmed at first but recognized Charlie as Jack’s sibling and asked for their help. He gathered up the injured man and carried him inside to where Abi was tending to a second naked figure. The three recognized GYPSY, the Alpha of the Pack, immediately. Charlie, blushing furiously, turned away from her nakedness after staring for a brief moment. She too had been torn up by what looked like some savage animal and was bleeding and unconscious. The man, who was a loyal Pack member named, DIESEL, begged them to save Gypsy. Abigail quickly took charge and started barking orders at the gathered men while she and David did their level best to save the two injured werewolves.

It was a near thing but they did manage to save them both. Abi had Bruno carry the injured Alpha of the pack to a spare bedroom while they made Diesel comfortable as possible on the couch. After gathering some of her strength back Gypsy explained that Dozer had taken The Pack over again. He had used the conflict with the Russians to make her look weak and ineffectual and because of that was able to challenge her for the position of Alpha.

She had tried to fight him but when she had ripped his flesh it seemed to have no effect at all on the monstrous biker. She explained that his flesh was rotting. Decayed. As if he was long dead. She surely would have fallen in the challenge but Diesel and a pair of her most loyal followers managed to help her escape. The others had not made it. But one thing was clear. Dozer was now the Pack’s Alpha once again.

They consulted with Abi, who retained some of the knowledge of the ancient fallen angel, AZAEL that had possessed her for years, about their findings. She pointed out that CHERNOBOG had shown interest in the Pack in the past trying to corrupt the wolf spirits that gave them their power.

Realizing that they were all in danger and wanting to stay together David called Charlie’s father, FELIX KLINE, and asked if it would be acceptable for Charlie to spend the night helping him with work at the law office. Kline agreed although he made David swear that the young man wouldn’t be late for school in the morning. David assured him that wouldn’t be a problem.

The next day, Charlie was just finishing his cross country training at his school and was in his sweats when he noticed some kind of commotion. At first he thought it was just the normal exuberance of excitable teenagers but the screams became high pitched and panicked. He slowly realized something was horribly wrong. When he heard the first roar it was as if ice water had entered his veins. The cry was so powerful and primal that it hit him like a freight train. It was the cry of a wild animal. The cry that declared that all within earshot should be aware that they were simply prey. It was the roar of a tiger.

The first gunshots set the whole school into lock-down mode and alarms went off. The students, who had monthly drills to prepare for the unthinkable, managed to run away from the conflict coming from the practice fields behind the school with barely controlled panic. Charlie mastered his fear and ran to the school offices hoping to find a land line and to call David and Solomon. He was far too excited though and couldn’t control his magic which severely interfered with the call. The phone line was static ridden and he was barely able to get a few words out before it disconnected. But that was enough for Solomon and David. David drove to the school as fast as he was able while Solomon called Volkov and told that he had to get down to the school immediately.

Charlie had just hung up the phone and was about to follow his fellow students in evacuating the building when a massive white tiger exploded through the office’s glass and metal doors as if they weren’t even there. The great beast was as large as a saber tooth tiger and its challenging roar was so loud in the hallway that it nearly deafened the young wizard, freezing him in place. The ghostly white spirit tiger, HU YAO was a truly majestic sight with its glowing green eyes and noble bearing and it was pursued into the building by four mysterious figures.

They were man-shaped of medium height, sallow skin, greasy black hair and an extremely wide mouth. They had dark, watery, bulging eyes, small sunken noses, long scrawny limbs, and very, very wide hands. They resembled oddly menacing frog/man hybrids of some type. They wore long coats with hats to try and conceal their strange nature but Charlie could tell immediately they weren’t entirely human. They surrounded the great beast and fired submachineguns and strange sea urchin-like projectiles that spewed acid. It did them little good. The Tiger ripped into the henchmen with a savagery that took Charlie’s breathe away. The spectacle of the massacre, for that is what it was, kept the young man’s full attention and he did not notice Barry Goldman until the man threw the scroll down onto the desk in front of him.

Goldman explained that he could no longer control the beast and told Charlie that it was now his responsibility. Hu Yao had orders to kill anyone who pursued him which was why it was attacking what the young wizard realized must be FOMOR MINIONS. Goldman turned and left quickly but without hurry and was out of Charlie’s sight by the time David and Solomon arrived.
The massive tiger ripped the remaining henchmen to pieces and their bodies dissolved into some strange repugnant smelling goo leaving little evidence of what had happened. The Golem and the Vampire faced the great beast who roared in challenge but did not seem to wish to attack unless provoked. Charlie was able to coerce the spirit back to the Nevernever using the scroll.

David and Solomon made their way to helping out the students who had been injured in the panic, treating injuries and sprains until the first responders arrived. Charlie went to the locker room to change his clothes which were soiled by the events of the day.





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