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GM: Brody


Ec hunger games02

Transcribed by Brody
In Game Date: October 2008
Episode: 45

This chapter began with the party opening a Way into the Nevernever at the thin place in the wall of the Seattle Underground where they had had their battle with the Renfields. Their cautionary divinations and veiling paid off when they went through; the Tentacled Horrors from the Outside (and the Renfield) lying in wait didn’t see them, and they were able to sneak back out the way they came. They did note before going that they seemed to be in a long-disused sepulcher somewhere in Winter.

Jack sent Caroline to the Newsom family’s residence to ensure that Jennifer would not wander back to Forks under compulsion.

Ec com111Craig Bigeagle held a potlatch at Daybreak Star Cultural Center in Discovery Park to raise a totem pole. Representatives from much of Seattle’s supernatural community were there, including Odiana of Winter and all the PCs except Roy. During the ceremony, the Slenderman appeared in the distance rising out of the depths of the bay and watched the proceedings until their end. The ceremony put a very punny aspect on the area: THE DARKNESS AT BAY.

Earlier in the day, Roy wouldn’t let Monty sweep the two dead girls in the Underground under a rug and called for a full investigation. This resulted in Monty inviting himself over for dinner at the Mullenix family home. He conducted himself as a perfect gentleman, but the threat wasn’t lost on Roy.

In preparation for BCV-hunting in Forks, Roy got Vampire-hunting stuff. Leif got some garlic oil to use on his weapons. Jack procured some holy water. Zeb procured communion wafers and similar things. Zeb also did some research with the Council on the Tentacled Horrors he had seen and turned up little on them, save that they are extremely tough.

The group meant to head out early on Monday in order to arrive in Forks while it was still light out, but various delays (and a fate point each) held them up. They found themselves driving down the highway to Forks after dark, when they saw that several large trees had been felled across the road up ahead…




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