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GM: Brody


Ec hunger games01

Transcribed by Brody (Edited by James)
In Game Date: October 2008
Episode: 44


The view from Kerry park was phenomenal on the clear, late summer afternoon where our story begins. Jack had only been admiring the view from the railing for a few moments when he was greeted by the person he’d come to see.

“Hey Jack. Thanks for meeting me.”
Ec com103
She was as lovely, youthful, and innocent-looking as she had been on their last date, all those years ago. She wore a sundress that ruffled in the wind, and held an ice cream cone in each hand: vanilla for her, and rocky road for him. He could feel his heart breaking all over again. He mentally kicked himself, reminding himself that, somewhere on her person, there was a tiny silver coin that made her the most dangerous person for hundreds of miles in every direction.

“What do you want?” he asked, fist clenched, glaring at the ice cream cone she extended to him.

“To talk,” she said and gestured to the nearby bench. “Let’s sit.” Jack sat and glared at the still-extended ice cream cone until she said “For Christ’s sake, Jack, just take the ice cream. It’s not poisoned or anything, and we both know it’s your favorite.”

He took it, careful not to touch her skin in the process, and coldly repeated “What do you want?”

“Oh Jack. I want to help you. I’m still in here; I know you know that. You know how it works.”

A crowd of children rode by on bicycles behind the bench, all ringing their bicycle bells and laughing. Something about the ringing noise of them almost broke Jack’s focus on the girl. What was going on?
Ec com102
“Maybe you are, and maybe you aren’t. I got no way of knowing who’s saying what, or why.” He struggled to keep his face emotionless and stony. It was so difficult; something about seeing her like this brought up every emotion and sense-memory he had of her from before the accident.

“Well, I want to help you, however I can,” she replied, “Do you need me right now?” Her voice changed slightly as she spoke this last. Jack’s muscles tensed as she reached out to put a hand on his forearm. “I can be there to help, quick as a flash, if you need me…”

The hand closed on his arm and, gently but firmly, jostled him.

Jack startled awake with a faint gasp of “Abby!” It was his sister’s hand closed on his arm, shaking him. Her eyes were focused on the middle-distance as she spoke into the telephone receiver clamped between her cheek and shoulder.

“Are you sure?” she asked, “I could come get you right now, if you want.”

Jack looked up from the sofa at the clock on the living room wall; it read “3:23.” Jack coughed and wished for a glass of water to wash the taste of whiskey and unbrushed teeth from his mouth.

“Well, if you’re sure. Jack and I will come get you tomorrow and take you someplace, then,” Caroline continued into the phone.

Jack sat up and cleared his head. He’d been dreaming of her more and more, recently. “Maybe it’s the drinking myself to sleep,” he wondered as he looked at the mostly empty bottle on the coffee table. “Maybe it’s why I’m drinking myself to sleep,” he thought ruefully.

“Just tell them we’re going to a movie. Jack will know what to do. You’re sure you don’t want me to come now?” At this, Caroline glanced at Jack with a brief grimace, holding up a finger in a “just a second” gesture. “Alright, then, I’ll see you tomorrow. Noon alright? Alright. Try to get some sleep. Talk to you later. Bye.”

“Why am I awake?” grumped Jack as Caroline opened her mouth to speak.

“That was my friend Jennifer, from school. She’s in trouble, and I thought I might have to go get her.”

“And why, exactly, did you need to wake me for that?”

Caroline fixed him with a beady stare and said “Oh, because, if you gasped yourself awake out of yet another nightmare in an hour and found me and the car gone, you’d totally understand me not letting you know where I was.”

Jack paused for a second, surprised, and then grunted “… yeah, okay. Waking me up to explain was probably a good call.” He paused again, then asked “Who is this girl again? What’s wrong with her?”

“She’s my friend – Jennifer Newsom. You met her at that bake sale, but I think you were too focused on that Maggie girl you brought to notice anyone else,” said Caroline, rolling her eyes.

“She’s not in… uh… our kind of trouble or anything,” she said, putting careful emphasis on her words, “she’s just… uh…”

“Ugh, what?” grumped Jack with a face that clearly anticipated some kind of teenage girl nonsense.

“Well, she thinks she might be pregnant, and she doesn’t know what to do. Her family’s really religious, and she’s never really… well, she doesn’t know much about… stuff.”

“And you just signed me up to take her to Planned Parenthood. Without her parents’ knowledge,” said Jack, sternly.

“Well… yeah. She needs help, and I just thought-”

“Fine. No problem,” said Jack, his expression lightening. “The idiots deserve to get lied to if they play it that way. ‘Course I’ll help. There’s a Planned Parenthood just down the street from the school.”

“I don’t think she’d be comfortable with that; they demonize Planned Parenthood pretty hard in church. Also, I want you to take a look at her or something. Something about her has just felt… wrong. For a couple weeks now. I don’t know if it’s anything spooky, but it can’t hurt.”

“Haven’t you tried to get a read on her? You know you can do that on a person by touch.”

Caroline blanched. “Oh… right. I forgot.” She paused, embarrassed. “Anyway, are there any other options on a place to take her?”

“Well, my buddy Leif is a Doctor at the Radcliffe Clinic. I’ll hit him up and see if he can see her.”

“Wait, he’s a doctor? He seems a little… young.”

“He’s one of the best, actually. She’ll be in good hands with him,” said Jack reassuringly, squeezing her shoulder.

Caroline looked at her slippered feet for a moment, and said more quietly, “Thanks, Jack. You’re… well, since Dad … uh… you’ve been… well, I just appreciate it.”

“Hey, don’t worry about it,” he replied. “Besides, who hasn’t been there? Missed periods, pregancy scares…” His eyes drifted nostalgically into the distance.

“Yeah,” Caroline chuckled.

Jack’s eyes snapped back onto her. “Wait! you haven’t… uh, you said you wouldn’t… well, because Zeb warned you, right? He told you you couldn’t…”

“Oh! No! Nononono,” Caroline said, backpedaling, “I just mean my friends… uh, well, not all of them are that sheltered, and it’s not the first time someone has come to me because… uh, yeah. No, I haven’t been seeing anyone. Not really because of what Master Einar said though.” She quailed still more under Jack’s probing look. “I mean, I did take it seriously, what he told me. It’s just-” She paused. “Well, I just know how dangerous it can be already. I mean, I’m still scared of what happened back then with you and…” she said, trailing off.

Ec com104Jack looked away as Abby’s name hung in the air, unsaid, for a few long moments. The horrible sounds and sights from that day years ago echoed through both of their memories. Caroline shuddered, and Jack heaved a deep sigh.

“You know that that doesn’t mean you can’t ever… y’know… have someone special, right?” Jack said quietly.

“Yeah,” said Caroline in the same quiet tone, “I know. I just… It’s just not time yet. I don’t think I can handle it. I’ll get there… y’know… eventually.” There was a sad moment of silence between them, then Caroline said “well, I should go back to sleep, and you should go sleep in a bed. Leave that out here, too,” she said, indicating the mostly empty bottle.

“Fine, fine,” grumbled Jack, and he sloped, hunched and yawning, back to his room.

They picked up the Newsom girl, whose parents weren’t thrilled at Jack’s appearance, but seemed mollified by their father-coma-sole-breadwinner story. The girl wasn’t right. Leif checked her out and learned that she’s a huge Twilight fan, and that she was seduced by a stranger on a fandom visit to Forks. She described her seducer as vampire-like, comparing him to Edward from the books. Leif’s Fate-sight saw her at a crossroads, beset on all sides by darkness. One path forward showed her as a happy mother, surrounded by a big Catholic family and aglow with faith. The other showed her as a desiccated corpse, still wearing her schoolgirl’s outfit. Jack was tipped off by Caroline that he should feel Jennifer’s aura, and, when he did, he detected the distinct taint of black magic. He resolved that Zeb should take a look at her with his sight, and took her to his house for lunch.

Zeb, meanwhile, woke that morning to find a letter on his doorstep addressed merely “Einar” in red ink. With all due caution, he opened it to find a note that was completely blank but for the signature reading “-Rashid” at the foot of the page. Ec com105

Between using the Sight on the note and his own prolific knowledge of magic, Zeb was only able to determine a few things: First, a small amount of magic was used in creating the note. Second, that what he had initially taken for red ink was, in fact, blood, but that, otherwise, the note’s constituent parts were relatively mundane. Third, that the note was indeed sent by the Gatekeeper himself. Fourth, that there are very few important things wizards might need to communicate that they are bound by law to never speak of, and that all of them are in the Gatekeeper’s wheelhouse. Zeb tucked the note away for safekeeping, hoping that coming events would elucidate its meaning.

Across town at a coffee shop, Detective Mullenix was catching up on recent news with his partner, Jessica Munroe. Munroe told him she sees some sinister plot behind the recent fall in Seattle’s homeless population, and noted that Commissioner Montgomery was spending an inordinate amount of time and resources arresting the homeless that remain and holding them in jail for the longest periods allowable. She noted that Monty had seemed spookier lately, and that his involvement in pushing forward Robert Lee Yates’s execution in Walla Walla creeped her out.

Roy was called in to meet Monty when he returned to Seattle PD headquarters. Monty looked Hungry and strained. He told Roy that there had been a string of mysterious elopings in Forks, presumably under the romantic influence of the setting of the Twilight books. He explained that Forks’s law enforcement wanted “support” investigating the whereabouts of some of these eloped teenagers, and said that he was assigning Roy to go out there in two days’ time. He then dismissed Roy.

Roy received two phone calls and then made one other. The first call he took was from Parker, giving him a Venatori assignment to go be the first person to discover a large pool of blood in a certain alleyway in SoDo, ASAP. The second call he took was from Woof Riley, who told him that Odianna of Winter had loaned his services to Lord Montague for the task of investigating disappearances in Forks. Roy asked Woof to accompany him in the investigation of the SoDo blood pool, then called Zeb to see if he could obtain more help in the effort. Zeb set a time in the afternoon that he (and probably others) would meet Roy in SoDo.

Ec com106Zeb hosted a lunch during which he looked at the Newsom girl with his Sight. Her eyes had cuts and scratch marks around their sockets, and were bloodshot and red. She had a faint collar of thin, crackling black energy around her throat, with a leash-like lead trailing off of it into the distance, and she wore a grimace of mild pain. She looked diminished in substance, too – a bit faint at the edges, like Marty at the end of Back to the Future.

Zeb’s vast experience told him that he was looking at someone who had been Dominated by a vampire of the Black Court, but he was amazed at the finesse and light touch it must have taken to produce a person so functional. Usually the Domination process destroys most or all of a person’s identity and leaves them a raving, soulless lunatic, the psychic equivalent of beating someone into submission with a sledgehammer. The girl he was looking at was left mostly functional, though Leif noted multiple times that she became very upset and afraid when it was pointed out to her how little concrete memory she had of her time in Forks. Zeb shared with Jack the note the Gatekeeper had sent him, and told Jack of Roy’s assignment in Forks and of the impending afternoon meeting with Roy. After lunch, Caroline took Jennifer Newsom home, freeing up Jack, Leif, and Zeb to go assist Roy at his crime scene.

Roy, after “stopping by” a donut shop across the street from the alley full of blood and “bumping into” his old pal, Woof, went to investigate his Venatori tip. The pool of blood in the alley was large enough to suggest that several people or other large animals had been its source. There were a few very small chunks of flesh in the area that suggested the blood was human, but there was little evidence of a struggle in the area.

The blood trailed into a nearby warehouse, which was labeled as a paper-goods storage facility. Inside, everything was covered by a thick layer of dust but for a wide, bloody track leading to an office in the corner of the facility. The floor of this office had had a ten-foot wide, round hole burst through it from underneath, exposing an excavated area that immediately adjoined a large, concrete sewerway. A hole had been torn through the concrete to allow access from the sewer to the excavated area. Roy called in the police, then allowed Zeb, Woof, Jack, and Leif through the police lines as “special consultants.” Under Jack’s veil, Zeb did a short ritual that confirmed his immediate suspicion: The blood Rashid had written the note in had come from the pool in the alley, and the envelope and letterhead he’d written on had come from one of the disused boxes of stationery that stood, opened, near the only dust-free walkway in the warehouse. For whatever reason, Rashid had wanted to lead him here.

The group pushed their way past several city maintenance men who were reluctant to enter the sewer hole, negotiating a few pairs of waders in exchange for going in their place.
Ec com107
The group journeyed through the sewer, following the trail of blood for 20 minutes, first following their sewer tributary toward an even bigger main, then back up into one of the other tributaries. Eventually, they found another hole torn in a sewer wall, as if by large claws, and followed the blood through it into the Seattle Underground.

Here, they ran into Vitaly Kulikova, who was with a strike team of ghouls armed with military-grade equipment and weapons. He had apparently been on his way to pick up a “package” at the location the group had just come from, and was upset both that there was nothing but a blood pool there and that the group now knows about this pathway.

The blood trail headed in a different direction from the one Kulikova had arrived by, so the group thought he was probably being truthful. Further conversation revealed a number of other things. First, that, after Black Monday, much of the ways and the Ways in the Seattle Underground had changed. Second, that the ghouls have been militarily engaging Red Court incursions into the Underground in an effort to keep the war between the Council and the Red Court from upsetting mortal life in Seattle. Third, that they’ve been doing this with support from Montague in the form of materiel, free reign of the Underground, and an unspecified type and amount of “food.” Fourth, that, while the ghouls are mostly kept busy fighting RCVs and various fairies for turf, there has been a different kind of danger stalking the tunnels recently, and they’re not sure what it was. Fifth, that Vitaly was fine with them following the blood trail through his Underground and dealing with whatever made it, so long as they left promptly when they were done. Vitaly praised the new Emerald Council for its efficiency and peacemaking, and took his leave.

The group followed the blood into a lightly-flooded section of tunnel, where they lost the trail. They only continued through the flooded section for a couple hundred more feet before they were attacked by three Darkhound gray wolves and two teenage girls armed with hunting rifles. When diplomatic options were pursued, the girls quickly revealed themselves to be mindless, psychotic Renfields. The group killed three of the dogs and one of the girls in the savage battle. After verifying that the remaining, restrained girl was a Renfield, they put her out of her misery too. Attuning their arcane senses to the place, the wizards determined that there was a thin place in the boundary between the mortal realm and the Nevernever in a nearby wall…



So I just typed that straight out with, like, no review. There’re prolly a million spelling/grammar/style errors >_< Sorry.


Nice. You really captured Jack’s voice in his interactions with Caroline and Abby. And don’t worry about writing the next Great American Novel. It is a Log so it does not have to be a piece of art. :D


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