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GM: Brody


Ec hunger games03

Transcribed by: James
In Game Date: October 2008
Episode: 46

JACK YOUNGBLOOD knew that going to Forks, Washington to face a powerful Black Court Vampire would be dangerous and that they would need every advantage they could get. They needed better transportation than Jack’s old beat up Ford Fairlane station wagon. So Jack decided to see what his old pal Kota the ghoul was up to and to borrow his father’s old Winnebago.

While the Winnebago wasn’t exactly a muscle car it did have the benefit of being cloaked with an effect that made it seem not worth thinking about. Going with the theory that every little bit helped Jack managed to get Kota to let him use the vehicle. Unfortunately, this did delay the group’s departure and they all realized that they would arrive in the small Washington town sometime after dark. Jack and ZEBADIAH EINAR rode in the Winnebago while DETECTIVE ROY MULLENIX drove his family station wagon with MATHEWWOOFRILEY riding shotgun. LEIF WOTENSEN followed along on his mystical motorcycle, Sleipnir.

Perhaps the beauty of Western Washington had lulled them into complacency because the ambush took Jack and Leif completely by surprise. Luckily for them the rest of the group reacted to the sight of the huge tangle of downed trees in the road with a ferocity that took the attackers by surprise. The demonic wolves that had been drained of all life and vitality crouched behind the barrier with glowing eyes burning with a fierce hunger. They anticipated murder and blood while strange shapes that were hard to comprehend floated on either side of road with tentacles flaring and lashing around.

Screaming in fear Riley blasted the wolves with a full clip of silver bullets from his assault rifle perforating one beast while nicking another. Meanwhile, Roy stopped the car and fired a grenade launcher loaded with Venatori made “holy hand grenades” into the barrier killing one and seriously wounding the other three dire wolves. At this point Leif called out to Jack to “Take care of that barrier!!!” while casting a spell to confuse the savage wolves into attacking their tentacled allies.

Ec com109As the wolves began to move on the horrors Jack passed the wheel of the Winnebago over to Zeb. He clambered up to the top hatch of the racing vehicle and screamed at Zeb to gun it. With a disbelieving curse the old Warden slammed down on the accelerator and the massive RV hurtled right at the barrier at a rather unimpressive 50 mph. One Tentacled Horror attempted to grab the RV but the vehicle blasted right on by the monster while Jack summoned a massive amount of energy into a spell. He concentrated the spirit magic into a battering ram of force in front of the hurtling motor home shaped like the prow of a viking warship. The force of Jack’s spell obliterated the barrier of fallen trees blasting them into splinters that shredded the remaining wolves in their tracks. What Jack failed to notice was the mist that flowed right by him through the open sunroof he was standing in as the Winnebago blasted past the barrier.

One of the wolves was decapitated and his head was thrown behind the RV right onto the hood of the detective’s station wagon. Riley’s atavistic fear of wolves and dogs froze him in place as he noticed the head of the wolf on the hood of the wagon was still weakly trying to attack. A tentacled horror moved to block the way of the wagon but Roy was able to outmaneuver it and passed it by. Leif followed up and rammed a spear into the gut of the Horror as he tore past the road block.

It was then that the mist that had flowed into the cabin of RV transformed into a Black Court Vampire! Jack screamed out a warning to Zeb cursing as he desperately tried to figure out what to do. He needn’t have worried though. Zeb proved that experience really does matter. He used his magic to vaporize the garlic he had brought along with water magic and sprayed it on the vampire while keeping one hand on the steering wheel. With a shriek of agony the corpse of the vampire erupted in a green flame that consumed it fully before Jack could even jump down from the sunroof.

Which turned out to be a good thing as the other Tentacled Horror took advantage of the RV’s slower pace to lung at the vehicle. Jack used his magic to envelope the creature with a force barrier preventing it from attacking. Woof managed to snap out of his terror and he fired a grenade at the Horror injuring it. Roy followed up Riley’s attack with a burst from his auto pistol. With a screech the Horror seemed to be dragged through a pin hole in our reality vanishing with a hiss and a snap of air. Completely surprised Roy stared down at his Glock 18 in awe.

Leif whipped his motorcycle around and jousted the remaining Horror intent on banishing the Outsider from this reality while Zeb continued to try to accelerate away from the fight. Hoping to take down the last beast Jack let loose with his patented laser blast. However, the creature shrugged off the blast with little effect and the beam continued past it cutting down another stand of trees. The trees fell right in the middle of the road blocking the trailing motorcycle and station wagon from the fleeing motor home. The Tentacled Horror reared up on the station wagon and Roy blasted it with his pistol. And yet again the monster was ripped from this existence as its concentration was broken by its wounds. After marveling at the power of a Glock 18 loaded with the right kind of bullets the group cleaned the scene up a bit and continued on to Forks.

Ec com110Jack was immediately disgusted by the kistchy dedication to the hated Twilight novels that the town had adopted. He spoke at length with Zeb about how it should be OK to burn the place to the ground. Zeb said it was fine with him as long as he didn’t use magic to do it and Riley piped up saying that he did owe Jack one and he would be happy to apply a little Semtex to the problem. Jack was on the verge of agreeing when they pulled into the driveway of the Miller Tree Inn.

Roy’s reservations at the B&B had been made by DELILAH MONTAGUE and he had to wonder if she was trying to torture him. The Miller Tree Inn was known by another far more common moniker: The Cullen Inn. Groaning in agony Jack asked again if he could blast the entire town from existence but Zeb shushed him as they stared at the huge amount of Twilight memorabilia that covered their surroundings. Posters for the upcoming movie (because it is October of 2008 the first movie was due to come out in a month) hung on the walls alongside stacks of the novels. A beautiful young lady wearing a SplatterCon t-shirt was behind the counter of the B&B as the group approached. She was talking to a little girl in whispered tones telling her a horror story about the Slender Man. The child squealed with delighted fear as the woman finished her story with fanfare.

Roy told the little girl not to worry the Slender Man because he had seen him once and shot him dead. The child was in awe of the cop while the woman seemed a bit miffed at Roy stealing her thunder. Jack gave her a smile and told her not to worry. Roy is a cop. Which means he was full of shit. The little girl laughed at Jack’s foul language and the young lady, whose name tag declared as Emmie seemed to be a bit mollified.

As they were signing in to the ledger Jack and Zeb noticed AARON MERCER’S name and that he had been a guest at the B&B a week and a half ago. As Zeb took his room key he made sure to touch Emmie’s hand so he could see if he could glean anything from her aura. His touch gave him the impression that she was a White Court Vampire. But a young one. Possibly even a virgin who hand’t fed on any victims yet. Jack took a cue from his elder’s glance and backed off flirting with the young lady who was quite lovely.

Leif jumped right in though and bragged that they were in town on police business investigating an important case. Jack and Zeb managed to drag him off to get some food at the steak house next door. The food was quite good there but the place was an overpriced tourist trap. Luckily they were eating on Roy’s expense account. They explained to Leif that Emmie was a White Court Vampire but he didn’t seem to mind at all and went back to the desk to continue to flirt with her.

Ec com108After some time he managed to get the young lady to warm up to him. She was impressed that he was a doctor and that he knew something about SplatterCon. She explained how her uncle had dragged her out of the Chicago Convention just after the murders had started. Apparently her uncle, who was from Sammamish like she was and and had been like a father to her since her real dad had died in a car accident. He was also an investor in the B&B and had gotten her a summer job with the owners. Her father’s name was Jason Mercer and her uncle was AARON MERCER.

At this point Leif realized that he needed to know more about the beautiful girl and he decided to use his fate sight on her. What he saw took his breath away:

At first nothing happened but gradually whorls and swirls of graceful curves slowly evolved into an elaborate set of armor encasing her body. The armor was both beautiful and yet fearsome and Emmie fiercely brandished a sword protecting a little girl while surrounded by faceless figures that stared blankly at her with anticipation.

Leif realized that Emmie was on a precipice and that she could be a force for good or evil depending on her choices.

While Leif flirted with the 17 year old girl Jack retired to his room and started communing with the local spirits. His efforts to tune in to the region’s spirit world were successful. That taken care of he set up some careful wards for his room to provide him with protection to any vampiric or other supernatural intruders. Zeb warded his room as well before getting Jack to aid him in a divination to find the vampires.

They used a map of Forks and some powder culled from the tainted Twilight novels that were provided for every room in the bed and breakfast. The dust settled on the map and one thing became immediately clear. Forks was a focal point for the Black Court. The dust rippled out in concentric circles with the town at its center. There was no dust to be found on the locations of the churches found in the town. Meanwhile, all the main tourist spots in the town, with the one exception being the lumber mill, had heavy concentrations.




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