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GM: Bradford (Lanodantheon)


Ec full circle05

Transcribed by Bradford (Lanodantheon)
In Game Date: December 2007
Episode: 36

While Supernatural Entrepreneur Mr. Nobody was getting his ass handed to him, Leif Wotenson felt in his gut to watch out for reinforcements. While he was waiting, a kid on a bicycle road up with a package. The kid said that he was paid a lot of money to deliver the package to Leif right there, right then. Leif accepted the package but had many questions about it. Ec com83

The Package was a large old duffle bag covered in enchanted chains and locks and a note that said, “The duffle bag will open when the Time is right. Don’t try to open it, you’ll just hurt yourself.”

About a month and a half later, Leif managed to get a meeting with his father. The Hallows god known as Odin. The retired God looked at the note, then the bag and said, “I didn’t send the bag.” He then answered Leif’s questions with, “Shut up and do what the note says…”

Afterword Leif used a divination spell to essentially X-Ray the bag. He figured out that the bag could have been made by someone like him, was the Thaumaturgical version of a fridge in that it preserved the contents within it and that all it had in it was 5 pairs of clothes, 5 pairs of shoes, a few piles of money and a few discernible small knick-knacks. He also discovered that the magic was going to run out in six months…

Six months later, when the present caught up to everyone, Leif chipped in by getting Monoc Securities to handle Jack, Osamu, Woof and Zeb’s legal defense against Mr. Nobody who claimed he was an innocent victim who was assaulted by the group.

After Mr. Squire was severely beaten, Leif and WoofMATHEWWOOFRILEY went to the hospital Mr. Nobody was at. They were stopped cold by the bodyguards on loan from Baron John Marcone of Chicago. Even with Leif posing as a hospital doctor, the only one allowed to see Mr. Nobody was his personal physician: Dr. Kokanos. A little bit of persuasion later, Woof managed to point out to the Hospital Security that the surveillance tapes of Mr. Nobody’s room had been doctored. As Hospital Security and Mafia goons confronted each other, Leif sneaked past them to find Mr. Nobody’s room empty. He used his fate sight on the room to see the Doctor taking Mr. Nobody into the Nevernever.

That night Jack and Osamu decided to do some magical Gumshoeing in the case of the vandalized buildings, believing them connected somehow to the Balance being disrupted. They took a brick from the old UW Library, one of the buildings that had been vandalized, and used it in a divination to locate the part of the building that had been taken. Hopefully this would lead them to the unbalancing ritual.

Ec com84The pair followed the Divination to a warehouse in Georgetown and the whole building was veiled. Inside they found a ritual magic circle manned by a warlock looking, but very handsome guy in a stereotypical black robes muttering nonsense. Jack unveiled and showed the warlock looking punk his Warden’s sword. The Red Court Vampire smiled and said, “Mr. Youngblood, we’ve been expecting you…” just as the doors to the warehouse slammed closed and two other Vampires leapt down and attacked Jack and Osamu.

Unfortunately for Hoodie, he wasn’t mortal so breaking through the Magic Circle was like jumping into a brick wall. Jack Force Magic-blasted one of the Vampires into next week and through a wall, causing the building to start collapsing. Osamu swept the leg of the other vampire and taught him the meaning of a boot to the head and a knee to the back when he broke them. When the collapsing building got Hoodie out of the magic circle, he closed with Jack. But, the ghost of Jack’s father saved his son and together with the spirits around they used Jack’s Warden’s Sword in a Boomerang Evocation that cut the Red Court Vampire in half.

Jack grabbed every scrap of information he could from the ritual circle and discussed the case with his Father’s Spirit as they ran out of the collapsing warehouse. Father and Son deduced that the most likely use for the pieces of buildings that could also utilize that much power being tapped from The Balance was high-level Transportation Spell of some kind. Jack reasoned through Mr. Nobody’s connection to Sawney Bean that he is prepping a massive Summoning of a being on par with if not the Leviathan itself. Right beside him, Osamu carried the unconscious body of the Red Court Vampire and the pair decided to pay Dozer a visit…

Dozer woke up the Red Court vamp and the Ex-SEAL needed no effort to get the Vampire to spill everything it knew. Trey Wellington had been recruiting lately, gearing up for something big presumably with Mr. Nobody. He commissioned the Vampires as a decoy/trap, sealing the stolen pieces of the buildings off so the Wardens would follow them to the warehouse. The Vampire also revealed that he had been given instructions to look for potentials on “the List” that was found in his pocket:

Ec com85

  1. The Guts of a Healthy Man
  2. The Hands of a Holy Man
  3. The Hide of an Ogre
  4. The Muscles of a Monster
  5. The Heart of a Warrior
  6. The Limbs of a Monster
  7. The Silver Tongue of a Faerie
  8. The Face of an Incubus
  9. The Eyes of a Wizard

Meanwhile, Zeb set up a ritual around the International District to slow the deterioration of The Balance. He finished just as the others regrouped with him. When the party regrouped they pooled their information. They figured out that Takahashi Hidenori was building Mr. Nobody a new body one body part at a time through his personal doctor Kokanos, a known member of the Prosthanos Society. The also deduced a few possible donors for the pieces on the list.

Leif then got a call from Maggie Simpkins. At Maggie’s Bakery, they found the place heavily damaged and Silvio Khlores against the wall severely injured and without his silver tongue…




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