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GM: Bradford


Ec full circle01

Transcribed by Bradford
In Game Date: December 2007
Episode: 32



He said to them cryptically, “That monster finally woke up and is demanding that his right to a speedy and fair trial be upheld. We’re all due in court in 2 days. We need to go over everything to get our stories straight…”

Two Months before (Seven Months after the Poker Game), the story begins…

LADY ODIANA told Woof that several of her vassals have been forced out of the No Man’s Land of West Seattle. She ordered Woof to find out who’s been doing it.

After a few months of restful nights without grim portends of the future, Lief had a big one:
Ec com71
Lief is caught in a Spider’s Web. On top of the web are two men, a Man in a Suit and a Man in Rags. The Man in the Suit walks atop the web, its strands changing to his will and interweaving with the Strands of Fate that bind all Mortals. The Man in Rags is also caught in the web and is held to a Fate outside the web by his strand of Fate. The Ragged man then cuts his own strand of Fate, which should kill him. But the ragged man doesn’t die, instead he is guided by the Suited Man’s Web…

When Lief reported this vision to Odin, he got nothing but a cryptic response and a warning to “Look out for chalk”.

Zeb had returned from his four month walkabout with CRAIG BIG EAGLE to find his home still tended by SILVIO KHLORES. In his absence, Zeb found that Silvio had planted encouraged the growth of many plants including kudzu in Zeb’s yard. Instead of trading quips, Zeb acted coldly towards the Fey.

Roy even tried to cheer up Zeb with some old photographs he had found from Zeb’s past, but Zeb didn’t care. Despite their best efforts, no one could get through to him.

His time with Odiana had changed him…

Jack, however needed Zeb to take his 17-year old sisterCAROLYN YOUNGBLOOD under his wing as a full-apprentice. Zeb agreed and took Caroline to Henry Vincent’s to get her a car of her own. When Zeb took Caroline to speak to Claire Redwood about the dangers of Black Magic, Silvio approached him.

“Roy needs to talk to you. Now. " Silvio said and dragged Zeb into his Demense. Silvio did the same with Lief, Woof, Jack and Osamu. Upon meeting him for the first time, Lief saw Zeb’s fate:

A man who should be dead. A Draco-Lich having him dead-to-rights at Kemmler’s Last Stand and yet living on. Zeb should be dead, but he isn’t.

Roy sent Silvio away and explained the situation:

After the Cross Street Kings Case, Roy and his old friend SID ROUTMAN of the 13th Precinct felt that something was off about the whole thing. Neither could believe a punk like BISHOP was smart enough or clued-in enough to be able to do what he did. Someone clued Bishop in, told him how to evade the Wardens and how to use Claire’s Biomancy to enhance the Kings. Someone further up the chain. Sid decided to send his best undercover cop,SGT. GENA BEUHLER to find who educated Bishop and had started to give minor mojo to other gangs and criminal elements across town. Jack had not-so-fond memories of Gena when she was undercover years ago when his entire gang got busted for drugs because of Gena. Jack managed to use a veil to escape the bust but he would never forget the undercover officer.

Ec com72After working for over a year infiltrating the Westwood Diamondbacks gang, Beuhler finally came through. She described in her reports a mystery man called Mr. Nobody. But, before Beuhler could go into details, the earthquake hit and Beuhler hasn’t been heard from since. Everyone believed she died in the quake except for Sid Routman…

That is until Roy arrested a man for selling drugs (actually potions) that were turning school girls blue. On the dealer’s cell-phone, Roy discovered a photo of Gena Beuhler at the Westwood Shopping Center (Now the Westwood Flea Market) on the edge of No Man’s Land dated a few days before. With this new information, Sid asked Roy to help find her and bring her in.

However, for the past few months there seems to be a leak in the police department that has allowed several gangs and criminal elements to give the department the run-around. In particular, a massive bust of two new drugs (Read Dead Rage and Blue Magic) ended instead with the police raiding a warehouse with nothing in it but a Link Heartthrob Stuffed Toy dressed as a cop (From the Bear on Patrol Sketch") saying to them, “You have the right to remain stupid!”

With the police leak including department e-mails, Roy went to the others in order to find Gena before her cover is blown and she ends up dead. Also he wants to get the year of undercover work relating to this “Mr. Nobody”. Roy gives them what little info he could find on his own, including the location of the detectives two apartments.

Lief and Osamu went to Beuhler’s Cop apartment in North Seattle. Inside they discovered plenty of objects can be used in tracking spells and her computer which told them three things:

  1. Gena had gotten very close to Mr. Nobody
  2. Gena had sent a FedEx package from herself to herself that was supposed to be delivered during the quake, but instead ended at the distribution center
  3. Gena was apparently an okay Undercover officer until a few years ago when she heard about an old woman in a Uwajimaya.

Lief and Osamu decided to pay the DRAGON LADY a visit. The pair of them were not willing to bargain for their blood. However, they did manage to find out that Gena Beuhler was alive from mysterious Lady.

Lief attempted to get more information and was hit by a metaphysical Mac Truck when he looked upon the old Crone with his Fate Sight.

He sees the Dragon Lady as a Weaver, taking blood from her clients and turning them into strands of Fate. The Power she trades them for always come with price but The Dragon Lady is nether good nor evil, merely fair. Among her clients, Lief sees a man from the distant past who made himself into a monster…

Meanwhile, Jack and Woof drove to the West Seattle No Man’s Land to find Gena Beuhler’s gang apartment which was mostly destroyed by the quake. The Warden veiled the car to pass the national guard check point. He then used his Sight to search for clues and found a hidden compartment in the wall. Inside he discovered that Gena bargained with the Dragon Lady for a Memory Box: a magical object that uses a minor spirit of Memory to store an identity inside of it. Using a pair of these devices, a person could craft for themselves a complete, infallible alternate persona. Perfect for an undercover cop.

Jack also noticed a piece of chalk on the ground. While examining it a “hobo” across the street fired upon Jack and Woof with a Mac-10. The Hobo was actually a sentry and was not even human. He was a wyldfae often called a Big Bad Wolf. Ec com73A wolf like creature that can wear a suit of human flesh and clay to conceal their animal nature. They are highly intelligent and very difficult to defeat because their false skin can also protect them from harm. However, The Big Bad Wolf was easily defeated by Jack’s Magic and a judicious use of a wrought iron fence but a call to his pack forced the pair to flee…

Zeb went back to Caroline to teach her more about the dangers of black magic and investigate the drugs. “Red Dead Rage” acts as a steroid, a pain-killer, a stimulant and induces massive hunger while the more refined “Blue Magic” turns people into cheap thralls. Zeb confirmed that the drugs were refined distillations of energy captured during Sawney Bean’s cannibal uprising from the ritual’s fallout and from the blood of its victims. Whoever made them had to know about Bean’s ritual ahead of time and the effects it would have. Zeb also deduced that if done under ideal conditions, whoever made the drugs could potentially have several tons of the raw material. Zeb then started prepping for a tracking spell as everyone gathered to share information…



The months fly by, but the danger grows…


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