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GM: Bradford


Ec full circle02

Transcribed by Bradford
In Game Date: December 2007
Episode: 33

Leif and Osamu managed to track down Gena Beuhler’s package at Fed Ex in no small part due to the Strange Karma everyone has been feeling lately. Namely the Karma of always having what you need when you need it. In this instance the female Fed Ex employee was really fascinated with Leif and he found little difficulty retrieving the package SGT. GENA BUEHLER had never picked up.

After retrieving Gena’s second Memory box, everyone gathered at Zeb’s house. Jack used Divination to discover Gena’s precise location, the destroyed Target in the Westwood Shopping Center Bazaar in the middle of No Man’s Land.

Leif cast a spell connecting the extra earrings he had acquired from Gena Beuhler’s apartment to the matching earrings in her ear (she often wore single ear rings leaving its mate back in her jewelry box) in order to listen in. Due again to the Strange Karma, he conveinently completed his ritual just in time to learn a lot about Mr. Nobody. Leif overheard a great deal over the course of a half-hour of conversations the mysterious man had with 3 unheard parties presumably over a phone: Ec com74

  1. Mr. Nobody is an entrepreneur of the supernatural rather than a true Sorcerer
  2. He could not turn down a good opportunity.
  3. He grew up on the streets, but had bettered himself with Higher Education
  4. He had an assistant named “Theodore”
  5. Mr. Nobody is a man of Favors Earned and Favors Owed
  6. Mr. Nobody plans big, but not complexly. He just goes from one opportunity to another.

The three parties Mr. Nobody had a conversation with were a Drug Distributor, a European with a disdain for the Police(Nobody confirmed that the plan was “On schedule” and that he had them “Chasing their tales”, implying that he was behind the problems the police have been having) and finally with a member of the Prosthanos Society. They collaborated with Mr. Nobody to graft monster parts on one of Nobody’s men for his business ventures. Leif also discovered that Mr. Nobody’s Lieutenant is Gubbioson the Biggest Baddest Wolf. His lore told him that Gubbioson may be the son of the legendary Wolf of Gubbio. Still there was no confirmation on the huffing, puffing and blowing down of houses…

Meanwhile, Zeb used dolls as humunculai to speak to the personalities and memories from the Memory Boxes. “Gena” confirmed that she had sent the Box from herself to herself so that her cover would be intact and the box ended up getting lost in the mail because of the quake. Gena’s memory also confirmed that she had been forced to kill a gang member, called Sapphire, in self-defense to protect her cover and that Gena used Sapphire’s identity as her cover using the Memory boxes to switch their memories.

The Sapphire Personality gave Zeb some lip, but the Old Wizard’s hulking size compared to the doll the personality inhabited combined with some Big Trouble in Little China theatrics inspired Sapphire to tell Zeb everything. She confirmed Mr. Nobody seemed to be the Moriarty of Seattle. He facilitated several of the events that had negatively impacted the city over the past few years by providing information. For example Bishop’s new found knowledge of the supernatural and subsequent rise to power with the Cross Street Kings and the ritual that released Sawney Bean from the Cauldron of Stonehaven were both possible due to his actions. Who knows how many other atrocities could be laid at his feet? She also confessed that his prized possession was a stuffed bear modelled after Teddy Roosevelt.

After preparing for war, the party updated Roy using a burner phone and drove to the Westwood Bazaar inside the fences of No Man’s Land. Zeb detected the presence of a stockpile of the 2 new Drugs on the street, Red Dead Rage and the Blue Magic. The group decided to get Gena out and destroy the drugs steathily.
Ec com75
Since Jack knew of Sapphire from his younger years, he decided to go to the front door. He used a modified veil that made him appear uninteresting and nonthreatening which barely managed to fool the Big Bad Wolves that guarded the building. The spell had some effect on Sapphire/Gena and Mr. Nobody himself, but it took a great deal of smooth talking by the young warden to get Gena away from the building without spooking the guards or the boss. However, Mr. Nobody insisted that they be escorted by one of his wolves.

Everyone else waited for Jack’s plan to play through, but all the while they paid attention to the boss. Zeb used keen observation instead of his Sight to find out as much as he could about Mr. Nobody. Osamu looked upon the man with his Magic Sight and saw that he was using what looked like a holographic Internet Browser in front of him like in Minority Report.

Leif looked upon Mr. Nobody with his Fate Sight: he found him to be the man he saw before, the man in the suit who spun the web and detatched people from the strands of fate. He also saw that he was responsible for a great many things in the past and the future. But more importantly, Leif saw an image of Mr. Nobody bandaged in a hospital bed missing a great many body parts…

When they made it out of sight of the wolves, a group of spirits empowered by Jack’s magic completely restrained Sapphire’s escort as Osamu shoved his Steel Tanbo into the Wolf’s mouth. The Metaphysical Glass Jaw of the Wolf proved it’s undoing and it exploded violently, covering Osamu, Jack and Sapphire/Gena in gore.

Meanwhile, Woof managed to sneak in the back of the Target and set an incendiary charge on the stockpile of the drugs in the back. A guard spotted him, but a Lucky Spear from Leif silenced the Beast before the alarm went up.

As the party drove away from the Target and out of No Man’s Land, Gena’s memories were returned to her when they opened the box Gena had mailed to herself. Jack had sensed that several of Nobody’s men recognized him and Woof was sure that the Wolves had gotten his scent. Osamu related on the ride back what he saw through his Magic Senses when he looked on Mr. Nobody. Zeb, Jack and Leif pooled their intellects and figured out what his game was. Mr. Nobody’s bear Theodore was a vessel for a Familiar Spirit of Air and Intellect. Theodore had been taught by the entrepreneur about the Internet and with that knowledge was able to tap into the Police’s communications. This was the reason the SPD had looked so incompetent of late. Well one of them anyway…




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