Campaign of the Month: November 2012



GM: Justin


Ec side job01

Transcribed by James
In Game Date: May 2006
Episode: 07


Jack Youngblood’s father demanded that Jack track down the old family Winnebago. A vehicle that Jack strangely had no significant memory of. After harassing Jack the disembodied spirit of his father said that what was in it was important for his sister, Caroline.

Having no argument for that Jack immediately called Roy Mullenix and asked him to help track the vehicle down. Roy discovered that the vehicle had been repossessed by a small company because of missed payments, and that it looked like someone had pulled some strings to make it wind up there. He also learned that it had been taken by Don’t Ask Repo run by a rather notorious Fencer of supernatural artifacts outside of town named Henry “Vince the Fence” Vincent. Jack had met Vince in the past under unfortunate circumstances so he knew he would need some help. He called his old buddy Bruno who agreed to help after Jack promised to feed him. Jack picked up Bruno on his motorcycle and headed to Sweet Tooth Bakery to plan.

Meanwhile, Sarah St. Claire and her twin brother Jason Durante were reconnecting over breakfast at the self same bakery arguing as only siblings can. Jason recognized his buddy Bruno while Sarah recognized Jack. Detective Mullinex figured out where he was and arrived to give Jack some new information on his search. After consideration Jack implored all present for help in the name of his sister. Luckily for him they agreed.

The group headed for the repo yard to see what they could discover. Jack veiled himself with magic while Sarah and Jason entered under the guise of finding a Winnebago for a film shoot. Jack discovers that Vince’s office was Warded, apparently by a minor practitioner (with Italian roots, who would have guessed). After a great deal of banter Sarah ended up with a date with Vince on Friday while confirming the Winnebago was indeed on the property, and Vince seems to be motivated to hold on to it for a few more weeks. Jack didn’t discover anything about the vehicle during his infiltration or while communing with the spirits. A plan was agreed to by everyone to sneak onto the property and find the vehicle.

Strangely everyone except Jack seemed to forget all about Winnebago in the coming days. It became obvious that magic was involved and that was when Jack’s father revealed that it has been Veiled with an effect that made it seem not worth thinking about. Jack managed to get everyone together though and they broke into the property with little trouble. All except Sarah that is. She ended up on a date with Vince to keep him away from the property and had a surprisingly good time.

Due to Jason’s supernatural senses, they had the advantage sneaking in where they found the Winnebago to be guarded by a pair of ghouls (One with a really big sword, both in Kevlar). Bruno provoked a fight with them by touching the vehicle and taunting them. After several exchanges, one of the ghouls whined a bit about people trying to mess with his very important Winnegago. Jack and the lead ghoul called a truce (with a bit of resistance from Yuquot) and Jack was allowed to search the vehicle as long as he promised not to take it or anything that powered the veil that it has. He used his Sight to do so and found a box with old family photos and some jewelry that belonged to his mom.

He also saw that the ghoul was not as…hideous as most of his kind. It turned out that he only took the Winnebago because he needed it to help him and his friends get out from under Vitaly Kulikova’s thumb and live like normal people. The ghoul seemed a combination of frustrated and talkative…




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