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GM: Justin


Ec the players02
Transcribed by James
In Game Date: May 2006
Episode: 08

Koto and Linda were both ghouls who had weaned themselves off of eating meat which did not make VITALY KULIKOVA, Koto’s father, happy in the least. Koto had discovered that not eating meat allowed him to think much more clearly and he wished to spread this message to his fellow ghouls. Vitaly sent Koto’s thug of a brother, Nodo, who is Vitaly’s main leg breaker, to track down and deal with this rebellious behavior.

Ec com37

Koto wanted to use JOHN FRANCIS YOUNGBLOOD JR.’s veiled Winnebago as a meeting place for him to consult with HYUNG-SU KIM and Margaret Simpkins (a minor talent who owns the Sweet Tooth Bakery) to discover a diet that would satisfy the ghoulish hungers he suffered when not eating human carrion. SARAH ST. CLAIRE, DETECTIVE-LIEUTENANT ROY MULLENIX and JACK YOUNGBLOOD agreed to provide security for the meeting.

Jack devised a ritual that would confuse the locations of Koto and Linda. He asked BRUNO WALSH and JASON DURANT to help by carrying tokens that would lead any magical scrying to them instead of their targets. Bruno and Jason then went all over Seattle hoping to lead Vitaly’s thugs on a “wild ghouls chase”. Unfortunately it didn’t work and the ghouls discovered the location of the meet.

Sarah, Roy and Jack set up to guard the Winnebago after picking up Kim and Maggie. Roy covered the vehicle from the back of the warehouse while Sarah stood in front and Jack lingered on the roof and was veiled. The only warning they got of the attack was the death cry of a dog that sounded faintly in the distance followed by its corpse being thrown through the warehouse door.

Jack overreacted and used wind magic to intercept the dead dog wasting precious energy. The two ghouls then charged. The first ghoul viciously attacked Sarah eventually breaking her wrist and causing her to pass out from shock. Seeing Sarah go down Jack rushed to her side and, dropping his veil, attacked with his father’s Warden sword. The surprised ghoul took a severe wound to his belly but was far from finished.

Jack attempted to blast the beast with a force blast but the spell got away from him. He took out the whole front of the warehouse while the back blast knocked him across to where Roy was battling the other ghoul. He did little damage to his target.

Ec com38

Roy had managed to fend the other ghoul off with his Venatori made bullets and some quick thinking climbing to higher ground and blowing out the lights in the area while using Night Vision Goggles. His opponent attempted to crush him by throwing some huge crates at him but Roy managed to avoid them.

Jack’s ghoul then disarmed him leaving him without a weapon. In desperation Jack attacked pouring all of his fear and anger into the force evocation hitting the first ghoul like a freight train. The spell slammed the ghoul across the warehouse and impaled it on an exposed support killing it. The other ghoul decided he was outgunned and retreated. Which was a good thing since Jack was completely exhausted from his efforts and suffering from blinding headaches.

Roy immediately attended to Sarah’s wounds. Kim and Maggie agreed to help the ghouls with their dietary needs. Despite his exhaustion Jack flirted with the lovely Maggie setting up a date with her.





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