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GM: James


Ec cauldron01

Transcribed by James
In Game Date: September 20th, 2006
Episode: 13

After losing his sister to the White Councils edict JACK YOUNGBLOOD became obsessed with his work as a Warden. For two months he worked hard to track down the Cross Street Kings who remained free and empowered by CLAIRE REDWOOD’S biokinesis. He drove his allies just as hard in his quest especially DETECTIVE ROY MULLENIX. They had tracked down JIMMY MASON, the final CSK who, it was rumored, had the last stash of Claire’s strength enhancement potions. Detective Mullinex trumped up a search warrant and raided Mason’s apartment.

Luckily they found quite a few marijuana plants at his residence and the bust was justified. Jimmy was taken away by two officer’s with a glazed look on his face and all seemed well. Until they found the two empty jugs that ZEBADIAH EINAR confirmed contained the potion. Just as a trickle of fear was buzzing up and down their spines a call of “Officer Down!” came through over the police radio. Jimmy had drunk both of the jugs in an attempt to destroy any evidence that could link him to BISHOP’S crime spree. His enhanced strength allowed him to easily snap his handcuffs and batter his way out of the patrol car nearly killing both officers.

Following Jimmy from the scene of the patrol car was not difficult. There was a huge swath of destruction going directly west. Luckily, the sight of the escape was a mostly industrial neighborhood that was lightly populated. Roy diverted the police response away from the destruction to keep his fellow officers safely out of harm’s way. Jack, Roy and Zeb called SARAH ST. CLAIRE and OSAMU NISHIMURA for backup and proceeded to track Jimmy to a garage right across the street from a heavily populated apartment high rise. Jack crept into the garage under a veil to scout out the situation while the rest of the party waited outside.

The waiting party clearly heard Jack’s voice asking Jimmy to stay calm, that they were there to help him. They could almost see his lopsided smile as he said, “Trust me.” That was immediately followed by the sound of a huge impact and a flash of sparks that could only have been Jack’s shield flaring and he came flying through a steel garage door, slamming into a parked van demolishing it. Jack raised his hand up and he weakly said, “Guys, I think I found him,” and promptly passed out.

With a mighty roar of agony beyond comprehension Jimmy Mason charged through the demolished door obviously intending to pound Jack all the way to China. He was a towering hulk of distorted muscle and bone that rippled and cracked as the overdose of the potion warped and twisted him. His body had grown so fast that his skin was ripped and torn in places where it had stretched beyond its elasticity. He was screaming so loudly and in such agony that it was obvious that there remained little of poor Jimmy Mason behind those tortured eyes. Sarah’s terrified camera man ran off down the block confident that the telephoto lens on his camera was the best way for him to capture the action.

Sarah immediately jumped out in front of the tormented creature diverting its attention away from the critically injured Warden. Detective Mullinex chambered his shotgun and placed a round right between the eyes of the rampaging brute. Barely staggered by the shot and screaming “MAKE IT STOP!!!!” Jimmy attacked Sarah who deftly evaded his blow. Osamu, using his Tambo, slammed Jimmy’s skull giving him a concussion, while Zeb distracted him further by throwing salt into his eyes. Realizing that the 12 gauge wouldn’t be enough to stop the massive creature Roy charged over to his vehicle to get a bigger gun.

Jimmy managed to strike Osamu with a glancing blow. Osamu only managed to survive the mighty assault because he had had the foresight to channel his Ki into making his body resistant to damage. In a stunning display of martial arts Sarah put Jimmy on the ground with her knee in his back and her arms around his neck bending his spine backwards. Zeb then slammed Jimmy in the gut with a pure force further angering him while Roy got him in the sights of his high powered sniper rifle. Jimmy escaped Sarah’s hold because of his great bulk and strength but it did him little good. Sarah ran up his spine gaining momentum before kicking him with a killing blow to the head. She then promptly threw up as yet again her hands were stained with blood.

It was then that they heard a strangled cry and Poor Jimmy Mason’s mother charged over to the rapidly shrinking body of her dead son cradling him in her arms. Roy and Osamu remained on scene to deal with the fall out of the battle while Sarah and Zeb rushed Jack to AUNT B. She was able to stabilize him enough, despite many broken bones and several internal injuries, to send him to the High Council’s headquarters for extended treatment. Sarah left quietly, with the cries of Jimmy’s mother tearing at her heart.

(Transcribed by Bradford)
Having used questionable techniques in his investigation, Roy was called off to do some Two-Fisted Paperwork and Sarah disappeared. Jack ended up in Edinburgh recovery in a body cast. It would be some time before he healed from his wounds.

After getting back to Zeb’s House, whiskey was cracked open, tea was put on and someone was rapping at Zeb’s front door…

SILVIO KHLORES showed up and explained that he had bargained Free Will out of the Faerie Courts and was going to start his Master Plan to rebuild his fallen Spring Court. Only take a Century or two… But Silvio had been stripped of his resources and needed a place to crash and “Zebulon” owed him a several favors. Zeb was about to get mad when there was another knock at his door.

STACY KEENE showed up, looking to discuss something important with Zeb (and having enough foresight to bring the Whiskey Zeb liked). Stacy identified the Duke of Flowers immediately and took notice of how damn good looking he was. Her Blush response went out of control as did her pride whenever the Faerie Lord mentioned “Embracing Youth”. Stacy embraces her youth… Anyway, Zeb and Osamu(The only other characters present) just drank their whiskey and listened to Stacy explain the situation that brought her to Seattle after helping transport Jack…until there was yet another knock at the door.

KAROLYNN KENNEDY, a UW Wizard Aspirant showed up asking Zeb if she could learn Magic from him. She had been in contact with Zeb before but Zeb wasn’t ready for an apprentice. Zeb decided to make the most of things by having Kennedy clean up the Guest room that hadn’t been used in 30 years while Osamu debriefed Stacy on the night’s events… Then another eFfing rapping came to the chamber door…

This time it was warranted. Zeb’s Daughter LUCY SMITH-EINAR came home. Zeb and Lucy talked. They had Soulgazed when she came into her power and they had seperated since. Lucy wanted Zeb to quit Wizarding, slow down. Zeb was not interested in hearing it…

Eventually they sat down for a drink after Silvio remarked that Zeb was lucky to have so many beautiful women showing up on his doorstep and mocked him for not embracing the passion of youth.

After waiting for more knocks, Stacy explained the situation. She had been doing followup on Wizard Artemis Miller’s books and found that there was a book inexplicably missing. The Book of Outer Darkness, a dangerous magical tome related to Necromancy and Outsiders, was said to be in his care, but it never made it back to Edinburgh. Stacy, who stood to lose standing within the Council by accepting responsibility for its loss, felt it was her duty to go By-The-Book and tell Zeb so they could work together to find the dangerous text.

In Game Date: September 21st, 2006

The next morning REVEREND CHARLIE approached Osamu Nishimura asking him to help LISA SHAN. She is looking for help with her husband, Roger Sims. He has been acting strangely lately and she thinks he is in deep trouble. He is an investment broker at West Financial and while he has treated her fairly well she is not in love with him. She merely married him to become a US citizen.

Mrs. Shan has discovered that Roger Sims was slipping out of the house at night, and was coming home early in the morning in fresh clothes. She discovered receipts for a seedy motel, the Georgia Inn, on Aurora, dated a few nights ago. He had always been decent to her before but when she asked him what was going on he flew into a rage and threatened her. She was sporting a black eye where he hit her.

If she can prove that he is cheating on her she will be able to divorce him and still keep her American citizenship. She would also inherit a sizable amount of money as per the prenuptial agreement. She had hired Emerald City Investigations to find out what was going on but they returned her money and told her they would have nothing to do with this case. The lead investigator, Allan Davidson, seemed scared. All he would say was that Roger Sims just vanished right before his eyes.

Osamu checked out the Georgia Inn during the day and found it to be a horribly seedy hotel that rents by the hour and day. The clerk there only stays until 9pm leaving the place unattended after that.

(Transcribed by Bradford)
In Game Date: September 21st, 2006

Meanwhile, Stacy and Zeb were unsuccessful in their search for the book.

Zeb’s Library: Nothing.

Youngblood Library: Nothing.

Stacy even tried Retrocognition on the Red Wagon she had used to transport the books to Edinburgh and was unable to find it.

The only thing for certain is that the book was taken from Zeb’s House when it was in the stacks before she moved the books to Edinburgh. The next logical step is to cross-check the identities of the people who came into Zeb’s House during the move.




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