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GM: Justin


Ec the players04

Transcribed by James
In Game Date: March 2007
Episode: 25

DETECTIVE MULLENIX got a call from his partner, DETECTIVE MONROE, informing him that he would have to do another “No Comment” press conference to the media on what they have dubbed THE HACKMASTER case. Being the public face of the case, he was unknowingly followed by the ace reporter from Channel Six news, April.

Roy, along with JACK, OSAMU and RILEY were meeting to figure out their strategy to stop the serial killer that had been plagued Seattle for the last few days.

After a lot of discussion they decided that Roy would lead the official police task force at the park that was near the community college (which was deemed the least likely target), Osamu would stake out one of the more likely parks with Jack and Riley at the other. Just to make sure they were covering all their bases Jack would send the spirit of his father, JOHN FRANCIS YOUNGBLOOD JR., to watch over a golf course that also intersected the pattern of the inverted pentagram that the killer was carving on the map of Seattle. Jack was mostly just relieved to get some blessed relief from his father’s constant criticisms. Roy made it very clear that the first priority of the team was to protect the victim. Capturing the killer was important too but not at the expense of an innocent. Riley mumbled something about “collateral damage” and “hard choices” but agreed.

Jack also had a few other tricks up his sleeve. He decided to cast a sustained scrying spell that would warn him of the killer’s ritual material’s or van’s arrival at the two parks that were most likely the targets. Remembering that the killer had used a Chucky doll from the Child’s Play movies (which proved the killer needed to die simply because of his terrible taste in cinema) as part of his murderous ritual Jack sent Roy to go out and get a pair of them for him to use as a sympathetic link. He also studied the ley lines in Seattle and narrowed down his choices to one most likely. He set up at the park and did his ritual in the afternoon while Riley scoped out the lay of the land identifying escape routes and firing lanes. After finishing the ritual Jack went home to further plan and rest. While there his wards were tripped. But that can’t be right! It was still the middle of the afternoon and the killer wouldn’t be there until 11pm to commit his ritual. Jack immediately reached for the phone to call everyone when it started ringing.

Hastily answering it he was told that he needed to come to CAROLINE YOUNGBLOOD’S school and pick her up. “What did she do?”, was his immediate response but he learned that she had nothing to do with it. A teacher had been abducted right off the campus and they were closing the school for the day. Grumbling about the school’s lack of security Jack said he would be there soon and hung up.

He immediately called Detective Mullenix and told him to gather everyone and head down to the park while he went to pick up Caroline. He attached the sidecar to his bike and took off like a bat out of hell. Somehow he made it to the school without killing anyone or getting pulled over. Caroline was very upset at her teacher’s abduction and didn’t take very kindly to Jack’s gruff order to get in the sidecar. It seems that Miss Kempler was her favorite teacher and she demanded that Jack do something to help her. Biting his tongue Jack assured her that he was doing all he could.

When he arrived at the park he found Roy, Osamu and Riley already there examining one of the dolls Jack had used in the ritual. It had been drawn on with a marker with the message, “Try and stop me” written on the forehead.

Obviously the killer knew they were after him and was supremely unconcerned. Detective Mullenix made an intuitive leap and realized that the killer’s ritual and Jack’s magical style was oddly similar. He also had the doll fingerprinted and was able to piece together several partials and identify the killer as Clarence Brown.

Brown had a trivially minor criminal record although there was a longer file on him from Homeland Security. The database stated that he was a militia type from Idaho who had been linked to some groups under investigation. He purportedly was a martial arts master who specialized with swords. He had spent the past few years in eastern Washington and also withdrew a large amount of cash from his accounts from Seattle ATMs in the last few weeks. Tracking him through mundane means would be difficult if not impossible. Jack attempted a quick tracking spell using the ink on the doll and only got a quick feeling pointing more north than south.

Having finished looking at the doll, Jack asked Roy to do a quick check on the missing Miss K. Roy found issues with there being a bitter breakup with an ex-boyfriend now in New York, and no real leads past that.

Realizing that the killer had likely left the crime scene Jack took his sister back home to keep her safely behind the wards that protected his father’s house.

She didn’t like this at all and the two argued for a long while over her leaving the park. When they got home she pointed out a weakness to the wards and after a little needling Jack let his sister repair them. She did a most excellent job of it too. The best part in Jack’s mind was that the weakness that Caroline had so astutely pointed out was based on his father’s work and not his own. Jack made sure his father was aware of that. Repeatedly.

Once his sister was squared away the Warden headed to the park to join his allies in their vigil. Riley placed himself in a strategic spot on a hill that gave him clean fields of fire while Jack waited with his Warden Sword and Wizard’s Staff at the ready. Osamu hid himself as well. Roy was at the other park along with his fellow officers. Right before the appointed hour a white panel van screamed into the park and the killer jumped out with his sword to the throat of Miss Kempler. Jack seized the initiative and grabbed the sword with magical force and threw it out the murder’s reach.

Riley called Roy on his cell phone and then sneaked over to the van and jumped in planning on stealing the vehicle during all the confusion leaving the killer with no escape. The young teacher scrambled away from the killer and Jack placed himself between them and called his power into a shield. Brown chased after his weapon. Osamu engaged the newly armed murderer and quickly learned that he was indeed a master swordsman. As the two of them battled Jack made sure the English Literature teacher had made it to the van with the waiting Riley to protect her. His shield likely saved his life as his opponent lunged at him cutting a narrow gash in his forehead. Like all head wounds it bled profusely quickly covering the young wizard in a warm sticky mess. Jack reacted by setting off a magical flash of power that blinded the deranged swordsman.

Meanwhile, Roy attempted to get in his car and make his way to the battlefield. Unfortunately the key-less entry fob for his car malfunctioned and he had a helluva time even getting in the vehicle. Jack’s argument with his sister earlier that afternoon had occurred right next to his sedan and obviously that much magical energy had had a deleterious effect. He cursed Jack and Caroline the whole time as he desperately tried to get his car started.

Despite his best efforts Riley was having difficulty hot wiring the van so he turned his silenced HK MP-5SD3 on the killer and loosed off a barrage of lead grazing him. Miss Kempler immediately tried her hand at starting the van but also failed all the while screaming at the ex-SEAL.

Galvanized into action the Sailor put a round through the killer’s shoulder further wounding him while Osamu engaged him in a life or death struggle, striking several telling blows and holding his attention. Meanwhile Jack gathered his remaining energy and slammed Brown with all the magical force he could muster.

The blast was so potent that Jack lost control of it and got caught in the back blast himself. His opponent got the worst of it though. He was seriously wounded, his whole body battered and deeply bruised. Perhaps even internally. It was then that Jack made a terrible mistake. He lunged at the master swordsman hoping to take advantage of his wounds. He should have known better. The killer had fought off Osamu Nishimura, master of martial arts, while being attacked by a Warden and an Ex-Navy SEAL. Jack was good with a sword but wasn’t even in the same league as the opponent he faced. Brown deftly disarmed the young wizard and with one swift motion immobilized him with a blade at his throat. He forced Riley and Miss Kempler out of the van promising to end Jack’s life if they didn’t let him go. He then gunned the van’s engine and took off down the road tossing Jack out the door on the way. Riley scrambled to get to his car as Roy showed up just in time to give chase sirens blazing closely followed by April’s local news team van. Osamu used his great ability to leap onto the van as it passed him by.

Jack, a bit roughed up and remembering his promise to Caroline to keep her teacher safe, went over to Miss Kempler and told her to get in the side car. He felt that if he left her behind, she would be dead by morning, so they were getting the hell out of there together. He started up his bike while the Lit. teacher was chastising him the whole time. Sadly, he was an Ex-con, covered from head to toe in blood, carrying a sword and driving like a bat out of hell with a woman screaming at him who matched the description of a recent kidnap victim. When he sideswiped the cop car at the roadblock it is a wonder that he wasn’t gunned down in a hail of bullets. Jack was immediately arrested and muscled into the back of a squad car none too gently. His sword was taken, to be impounded by evidence.

Meanwhile, only Riley’s eagle eyes and keen tactical instincts let him follow the van as it darted away from the park and into the dark industrial mazes beyond the park. He was closely followed by Roy, who had April’s news van hot on his heels.

April, knowing a hot story when she sees one, had an impromptu interview with Osamu as he perched on the van. Recongnizing Osamu, she asked: “Is it true that you are the greatest martial artist to visit Seattle since Bruce Lee?” Osamu gave a humble answer to this and a few more questions before jumping onto Roy’s car.

Roy, his police skills well developed, radioed ahead and had the police who were staking out the other park set up a roadblock, and he and Riley drove Brown’s van right into it.

Spotting the roadblock, Brown jumped out of his van and headed down an ally too narrow for cars between the darkened warehouses. April, not able to follow, drove to the blockade where she had heard police radio reports of another swordsman (Jack).

After bailing out of the van Brown ran down an alley with Roy and Osamu in close pursuit. Riley whipped his car around the corner to block off the end of an alley. Taking his time he lined up a shot at the elusive killer while Osamu yet again engaged him with his Tambo. The murderous swordsman turned on Roy forcing him back with his sword while the detective fired off several rounds from his shotgun. Neither he nor Riley were able to bring the killer down despite the fact that both were expert marksmen.

The sound of the gunshots carried all the way over to the patrol car where Jack was under arrest at the roadblock. The officers heard the gunfire and Roy’s “officer needs assistance” call and headed over to give support. Jack, dedicated to bringing the killer down, used the opportunity to veil himself and set off toward the fight as well. He arrived in time to see Brown gaining the upper hand against his friends and, inspired by a recent superhero movie that proved quite disappointing, formed a huge green glowing hand with his magics to immobilize the murderous swordsman. Roy and Osamu then took the opportunity to disarm and arrest him.

After the chase ended, Roy got reports that a goat had been killed in the park, in the place Brown has prepared for his attempt at killing Miss K. Jack suspected it was a patch to hold the ritual together, but theorized that a spell that took 5 human deaths could not take much tampering and still work.

The next morning, before Jack was let out of Jail, a laywer showed up with a letter that congratulated him on saving the teacher’s life, and that she would not be in any more danger… for now.

Also, and even more disturbing, Brown had been broken out of jail.




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