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GM: Justin


Ec the players02

Transcribed by James
In Game Date: March 2007
Episode: 30

Facing a Denarion Demon will take a lot out of anyone. If she just happens to be the love of your life and you caused her to be possessed in the first place it can be downright devastating. JACK YOUNGBLOOD probably could have handled it a bit better. Despite his father’s disapproval he got home and made a bee line for the nearest bottle of Jamesons. BRUNO WALSH had been asleep on the couch and Jack asked him if he had eaten everything in the house. The big man glanced around at the pile of food wrappers and dirty plates, smiled and said, “Not…everything.”

Jack polished off his third shot of Jamesons, flipped his dad’s ghost off when he started to complain, grabbed the bottle and staggered upstairs. The shadows he had been sensing over the last few days were gone. And so was Abby. Drinking directly from the bottle now he began knocking on his sister, CAROLINE YOUNGBLOOD’S door.

“She’s gone,” he slurred, over and over. Finally, Caroline told him to shut up and get some sleep. That was the last thing Jack would recall of the evening and he staggered downstairs and began drinking all of his father’s booze.

The rest of the group had much better evenings. DETECTIVE ROY MULLENIX went home to his family and had a very restful night of sleep while OSAMU NISHIMURA (西村修) rode Leif’s motorcycle to AUNT B’S home and spent the night there to help her feel safe. CLAIRE REDWOOD was ecstatic to see her mentor home safe and sound but that didn’t stop her from giving the young monk some hell as she complained about them letting her be kidnapped in the first place.

Meanwhile, LIEF WOTENSEN set out to celebrate the victory over the Fallen Angel by hitting the clubs. He had a great time and walked out of a bar with two gorgeous women on his arm. One of them was asking him how they would be getting to his place just as his motorcycle, Sleipnir, seemed to appear out of nowhere waiting for him and his new lady friends. While he may not have gotten much sleep that night he had few complaints when he woke up the next day. Unlike Jack.

His stomach heaving Jack was convinced that a battalion of storm troopers from some fascist regime were marching on his head each step like a nail hammered into his skull. It took him a while to realize it was someone knocking at his door. At seven-fucking-AM. Murder in his bloodshot and unfocused eyes Jack staggered to the door and whipped it open ready to break the Laws of Magic just to get some damned sleep. SILVIO KHLORES dazzled him with a sunny smile and a shouted greeting that seemed so loud to the warden’s abused head that he nearly passed out from the agony. It seems that he wanted to discuss the catering for The Poker Game that would be coming up in the next few days. Impaired by the mother of all hangovers Jack stood little chance against the Fae’s exuberance and the Duke of Flowers entered the house to finalize the plans for the Poker Game.

Over the next few days Jack developed potent spells for each specific Player of the Game. If any of them tried something he would be ready. Meanwhile the Son of Odin decided to see if he could determine who he should definitely prevent from attaining the prize through rune casting. Through shadowy visions he came to the conclusion that under no circumstances could he allow BARONETTE MYST, the Black Court Vampire who had laced compulsions throughout the popular Twilight novels, to win lest he sweep the nation with the subliminal need to please vampires. TREY WELLINGTON would not impact an entire nation but his visions made it clear that the streets of Seattle would run red should he gain the prize. The rest of the Players gave him varying degrees of bad feelings if they won with the one exception being MEGAN MULLENIX who would clearly make a positive impact if she possessed it.

Roy continued to school his daughter on the dangers she would be facing and was completely distraught by the skimpy outfit she had chosen to wear to the poker game. Megan pointed out to him that it would be better for the vampires to be checking out her cleavage rather than her jugular. Roy reluctantly conceded that point.

Finally the day of the game arrived and the Players were escorted to various gardens throughout the city and from there to the prepared demense of Silvio Khlores. Jack used his Site to assure himself that the statue that HAMATO YOSHI brought to the game was indeed the coveted Maltese Falcon of legend. In his resulting vision he perceived a siren call of victory worthy of any king.

The Players arrived one by one to mingle before the game began. Silvio was the perfect host and the setting was all Rococo decadence with chamber music and servants wearing frilly outfits and hose that were common in the 18th century. Much to Roy’s chagrin Security was not exempt. He endured Jack’s comments about his “nice legs” with laudable patience. Although he was quite alarmed when the charming young warden introduced himself to his daughter. Based on her slight blush and quiet smile Jack had made a good impression on her. Just as he always feared he would.

Leif, who had only ever seen Megan as an old woman in one of his visions, noted that she “looks a lot better when she is young” his eyes glued to her as she passed. Catching that look Roy was suddenly very glad he had forced Megan to take several of OSAMU NISHIMURA’S (西村修) self-defense classes.

TREY WELLINGTON attempted to bully the Warden with his typical arrogance but Jack was unruffled. Myst was the last to arrive escorted by Osamu. The Vampire’s outfit was exaggerated and very goth and left him looking faintly ridiculous. Probably in an attempt to get the others to underestimate him.

With all parties present Jack began by explaining that anyone acting out of turn would be dealt with harshly. He also got each and every one of them to swear by their own power that they would not cheat. With the formalities out of the way it was time for the game to begin…



I could feel Jack’s hangover- nice work!


Sadly I have had a hangover like that more than once during my misspent youth. It was terribly easy to write unfortunately.


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