Name: Mr. Nobody
Real Name unknown. Origin. Unknown. Age Unknown.


High Concept: Supernatural Entrepreneur

Trouble: Can’t Turn Down an Opportunity

Other Aspects:

Ivy-League Thug
The Bear’s Name is Theodore
Plans Big, But Not Complex
Favors Earned and Favors Owed
F*** The Establishment


A mysterious man who first appeared on the Wizards’ radar only a few months ago, but who had been active in the Supernatural Seattle Community for at least the past few years. The man they call Mr. Nobody was first identified by an undercover police officer in too deep and confirmed by Jack Youngblood, Zeb Einar, Leif Wotenson and Osamu Nishimura as being all kinds of bad news.

Intelligence suggests that Mr. Nobody is a man of many favors earned and favors owed. Kind of a stockbroker of power. It has been suggested that he clued Bishop into the Magical World and how to exploit Claire Redwood’s Power into a drug that took the city by storm. Mr. Nobody also seemed to have a hand in Ronin obtaining The Maltese Falcon(and the disinformation the Denarian had about the “Maltese Falchion”). He also seems to be involved in Sawney Bean’s rise to Power, the subsequent Earthquake and the exploitation of that event with his own drugs made from Sawney Bean’s body.

Mr. Nobody was confronted by Seattle’s Wardens and their allies and his organization was dismantled in a night. When he confronted the Wardens, he offered them a way out. He also threatened them. He said that if they didn’t take his offer he would call in every favor he had and he would burn them. The Wardens turned him down and they battled.

At the end of the battle, Mr. Nobody was dropped through a roof and into a vat of the drugs he had been peddling. The injuries he had sustained from the fall combined with the corrosive nature of the drugs he fell into blinded him, burned him over 50% of his body and required the amputation of all four limbs.

A few months later, days before Mr. Nobody was set to go to court for his crimes, he sent his minions out into Seattle and began to put together a new body for himself with the help of his physician, Doctor Kokanos of the Prosthanos Society. He also formed a plan with Trey Wellington and Fitzgerald Kennedy to engineer a Time Travel Ritual by tapping The Balance of the International District…