High Concept: First among the Denarians

Other Aspects:

  • Anduriel’s Host
  • Been around for a Long, Long Year
  • That soul which has the greatest Punishment
  • Pride Goeth Before Everything
  • Try Not My Patience
  • I rejoice over the corpses of Knights


Assume that any physical conflict is of at least Superb difficulty (especially with Guns or Weapons). Due to his physical immunity to…well, everything, if you do manage to win an exchange against him (as Michael Carpenter did briefly) it won’t cause physical damage, but you might push him back or gain some other temporary advantage (treat attacks as maneuvers see his Item of Power, below).

In other conflict, he tends to start at Great before considering his aspects. Use his aspec ts—your players will appreciate the Fate Points.

His Lore knowledge rivals the Archive, both personally and sourced from Anduriel.

You lose.
Nicodemus is…well, he’s invincible. In game terms, it makes little sense to stat him out point-by-point—he’s a plot device. Conflicts against him need to be more oriented toward getting around him rather than through him.


Supernatural Recovery [–4], if not Mythic.

Wings [–1].

The dude has freaking wings. Made out of shadows.

Marked By Power [–1].

In case anyone hadn’t noticed.


Or something like it; at the least he can exercise his will in the form of living shadows, and he appears to be adept at a variety of rituals for creating items or twisting beasts. Assume Great, possibly Superb difficulty when facing these abilities, which manifest with effects of living shadow.

Item of Power [+2]:

The Barabbas Noose covering the following powers:
Physical Immunity [–8]. He’s impervious to everything up to and including a nuclear strike. Except for… The Catch [+0] is the Barabbas Noose itself can be used to harm its wearer.

Barabbas Curse [–8?]:

The ability to make someone’s death both inevitable and more imminent. Does this function like a wizard’s death curse, minus the dying? We don’t know. Cost in refresh is speculative, and probably underestimated.


Mental oooo Social oooo
Physical oooo +2 mild consequences
Total Refresh Cost: A whole damn lot,
at least –20, probably more.