Solomon is a walking fortress festooned with innumerable weapons at his disposal.He stands just under 5 feet 10 inches tall with hair as ebony as night.His volcanic blue eyes smolder with a mesmerizing inner fire. The sinews of this athletic frame flow like liquid marble weathered to perfection over the centuries.


HIGH CONCEPT: Redemption Seeking Immortal

  • Invoke: Solomon’s long life as exposed him to many of the wonders that history has ever offered. As such his knowledge of past, and his willingness to help his fellowman has increased as well.
  • Compel: With a long life and the constant pursuit of redemption Solomon sometimes places himself in the line of fire before his brain reacts.

TROUBLE: Cursed by a Wu Shi

  • Invoke: Having lived with a Curse for nearing 800 years Solomon’s knowledge and understanding of such magic is unparalleled.
  • Compell: Only three ever True Jiang-shi have existed in the supernatural world, and that curse is something highly priced and sought after for study.

ASPECT: My times are ALWAYS Interesting

  • Invoke: I’ve seen a lot in my time, this reminds me of…
  • Compel: Call it Karma, or just plain bad luck Solomon often finds himself in the exact time and place of numerous catastrophes.

ASPECT: Hidden Guardian of the Shan Line

  • Invoke: Finally having found a tangible goal to latch on to Solomon ensures the the Shan line has a Guardian that watches them and assists them in all their endeavors.
  • Compel: Current events have placed the Shan family in the eyes of the supernatural world. Something Solomon will not allow to go unanswered.

ASPECT: Reluctant Thorn in EVERYTHING’S Side

  • Invoke: Being the pebble in a shoe is something that takes years of practice to master, and Solomon can deflect most aggression away from other and force them upon himself.
  • Compel: Sometimes against better judgments Solomon can’t leave well enough alone.

ASPECT: Travels in Uncarnate Circles

  • Invoke: You realize that is ghost still roams the world…you needed to know what?
  • Compel: Spirits and ghost all tend to travel in similar circles…and man do they gossip and chat about those who can actually interact with hem.

ASPECT: Psychopomp of Ox-head and Horse-face

  • Invoke:
  • Compel:

SKILLS +32 / +32

SUPERB +5: Athletics
GREAT +4: Presence, Fist
GOOD +3: Resources, Endurance, Discipline
FAIR +2: Contacts, Scholarship, Rapport
AVERAGE +1: Conviction, Empathy, Lore, Investigate, Alertness



  • Mental attacks, or influences are useless against your fortress-like mind! +2 Discipline when using it to defend against any mental attacks or mind altering effects of any kind.


  • Effect: Able to fight and Defend in Melee or Brawl using fist.
  • Effect: Upon a successful Scholarship roll he receives a +1 to Fist due to his complete understanding of their style, and the weapons they use having encounter it many times before.


  • Effect: Your wealth isn’t just a stack of cash; it’s an entire system of investments and stashes that you can manipulate. You may use your Resources skill to perform maneuvers based on controlling the flow of money through various markets or areas, and to notice things that affect those areas.
  • Effect: Add +1 to Resources when used to play the market or dealing in rare antiquities.

POWERS -7 / +3


  • Description: You are solid to both ghosts, Spirits, and men, like a cat.
  • Dual Nature. Your body is solid to both material and immaterial objects. You may interact normally with characters that have the Spirit Form power and other incorporeal things. This also allows such things to interact normally with you, so be careful around violently-inclined spirits.


    Can perceive the presence of spirits and ghosts. If they are deliberately trying to conceal themselves Roll Investigation (or Alertness) vs. Stealth.
    Spirits get a +2 when trying to perceive or locate you.
    Can speak and otherwise communicate directly with ghosts and other invisible or incorporeal spirits, without any need to perform thaumaturgy.
    May use Contacts to seek out information and specific individuals among the dead.


  • Description: You do not die when you are killed.
  • Skills Affected: Endurance
  • Deathless. Unless utterly destroyed or killed by special means, you can never suffer a fatal wound. No “death” result is ever permanent unless special means are used (as determined by your creature type).

NATURAL WEAPONRY -1 (-1 with Potent Weaponry) -2

  • Description: Your body contains or can produce some kind of weapon or attack.
    Note: You have to pick one type of weapon Spirit Strike
  • Skills Affected: Fists
  • Natural Weaponry. Your body contains a weapon with a rating of 2. This weapon has a no range, is not capable of spray attacks, benefits from Strength powers, and is wielded with the Fists skill.
  • Potent Weaponry [-1]. Your natural weapon has a rating of 4 Only applies to the incorporeal


  • Description: You have an incredible fortitude, able to exert yourself longer and heal faster than a normal human can.
  • Skills Affected: Endurance, other physical skills.
  • Total Recovery. You’re able to recover from physical harm that would leave a normal person permanently damaged. You can recover totally from any consequence (excluding extreme ones) with no other excuse besides time; simply waiting long enough will eventually heal you completely.
  • Fast Recovery. Out of combat, you may recover from physical consequences as if they were one level lower in severity. So, you recover from moderate consequences as though they were mild, etc. Consequences reduced below mild are always removed by the beginning of a subsequent scene.
  • Vigorous. Endurance never restricts (page 214) other skills due to a lack of rest. You may skip a night of sleep with no ill effects.
  • Shrug It Off. In combat, once per scene, you may clear away a mild physical consequence (page 203) as a supplemental action

Superhuman Acrobatics -1

  • Description: Gravity doesn’t seem to apply to you the way it does to normal people. You can dance on a tightrope and jump like a flea.
  • Skills Affected: Athletics, Stealth
  • Inhuman Balance. You can move freely and without penalty over any surface sturdier than a spiderweb. You never fall accidentally and you may add four to your Athletics skill when using it to resist an attempt to knock you down.
    Impossible Jumps. Add four to your Athletics skill when using it to jump.
    Soft Landing. You are immune to falling damage.

Lifeforce Drinker -1

  • You can and must with feeding dependency plunder the essence of things around you, both living and incorporeal. To do this you must fist make an attack to ensure you can touch them, then roll discipline against an opponents Conviction to steal their essence. This ability has an effective range of touch.
  • Taste of death
    Once per seen after plundering enough essence to kill an opponent you can take a free recovery period, recovering from all stress and minor consequences (or higher with recovery powers).

Feeding Dependency +1

  • Lifeforce, Chi, Spirit Essence of the living, or whatever fuels spirits and Ghost

*Power Effected: Recovery, Superhuman Acrobatics

Catch +1 / Limitation +1

  • Powers Affected: Superhuman Acrobatics and Recovery
  • Catch: A way to kill him as per one of the legends of the most vicious Jiang Shi in folklore. Stabbed through the heart with a wood from a peach tree. As the Peach Tree symbolizes purity and vitality. Also the tree that Immortals ate from to gain their longevity. So it’s kind of ironic.
  • Limitation: Because Solomon is a True Jiang Shi and cursed instead of Undead most of the Weaknesses do not apply, BUT as with the myth and lore of various Jiang Shi one weakness does stand out. Silk thread coated in the blood of a Black Dog(They are the protectors in Chinese Mythology against evil spirits) and tied in a knot can be used to bind Solomon keeping him on the ground and prone (Stiff and rigid), and the thread is unbreakable to him.
  • Limitation: Any Chinese Based Magic seem to be able to effect Solomon on a grander scale. +1 Effect(Damage, Duration, Esc)
  • (This is why he keeps what he is a Secret, and tried not to get involved)
  • Limitation: Potent Weaponry [+1]. Your natural weapon has a rating of 4 Only applies to the incorporeal


  • Total Refresh: 9
  • Total Spent: 7


  • Current Refresh: 2
  • One Skill Point Banked


Physical: OOOO
Social: OOOO +1 Mild Consequence
Mental: OOO
Hunger: OOOO





Ever think that living for centuries would be a wonderful thing to experience? Well if so listen to this tale. It all began in 1293 in Italy. The son of a renown merchant Solomon received whatever he desired with no worries of the results. Following his father on one of many ventures to the mysterious east he took as he saw fit to entertain himself, and thus began his torment.

The Asian beauty before him was all that filled his thoughts and desire. Without remorse or going in to detail Solomon was scum and took her. What he failed to know, or even if he had it would not have stopped him,(As stated he was scum) is that it was the day before her wedding. She was pure and chaste as the daughter of a village Head it was expected of her to give herself wholly to her husband.

The day of her wedding never came as she took her own life to absolve the dishonor Solomon had forced upon her. No one of the village knew why save for the child’s God Mother(Chinese Version), she had looked upon Solomon with knowing eyes. As they left to continue their journey the venerable woman approached and without pause uttered words that even spoken in Chinese rang true in Solomon’s mind,“You shall know the pain of lose forever.” She drew a jade knife and slit her own throat.

Solomon 1st taste of death and getting better was when bandits fell upon his fathers caravan. From one war to the next, and one era to another Solomon traveled aimlessly seeing all he had loved , or cared for die around him.


Arrival to New York in the early 1800’s found a new chapter in the curse of Solomon. He had always saw those beings and things disconnected from our reality. It was not until Karma wormed itself in that things changed. An all to familiar ghost was the first to ever approach him. The ghost,a woman of Chinese decent and a beauty so haunting that it sent fires of guilt coursing through his veins. The hand she laid on his cheek was the first connection and touch of a ghost he had ever felt.

Her story was one that seemed a memory to Solomon. She had been taken and left for dead by an unknown man, only she survived and with child. The birth of her son was her death. She had never passed on as she needed to know her son was safe.The child now a man had found the truth of his origins and the guilt that accompanied it. It was Solomon who delivered the message of a mothers love of her child, regardless of the nature of his conception.

After many meetings and a few ghost translations the man found peace. It was all his mother needed to pass on, but NOT before giving Solomon a karmic back hand. “Our family is forever filled with tragedy since that day. Please I beg of you, see it undone.” Solomon knew which day she referred.


STORY TITLE: TWISTED STEEL & SEX APPEAL (Story as told from Solomon’s perspective)

Ever had someone tell you how much they love you? I’m not talking about soul mate kind of love that Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner had, I am talking about that I just met you, and I love you so much I want to cut your face off and wear it for a mask kind of love. Well that was my first encounter with a supernatural serial killer. I guess she had been killing for the better part of 100 plus years. Whatever kind of creature she was it was apparent that when I saved the young girl from her grasps I become the object of her affection…lucky me.

What made the WHOLE encounter even worse was when she killed me, and I did not die….twice. In her TWISTED soul she had found her eternal love. The months of cat and mouse that followed are kind of a blur. From London to L.A. I was the sole object of her attention. At least it kept her off other people…man my luck is horrible. I mean someday’s you are the dog, but I seem to ALWAYS be the hydrant.

It wasn’t until she cornered me in an abandon steel mill in the outskirts of town that our story came crashing to an end.
It’s always a laugh for me when I think of how vain longer lived beings are. I myself was like that when I was a child, and well you know what vanity did to me..anyways. I stood before her shirtless and bloody from our love tussle, and with a smile I used the two things I knew I had going for me as she speared me in to the wire trap I had placed before hand. Grasping and holding her tight as the tons and tons of twisted steel buried us in an eternal embrace…..not really took me about a week to dig myself out. God I do hope her ass is dead and squished.


STORY TITLE: (David Clay’s)
STARRING: David Clay

The world of spirits is a brittle and often dangerous place, and when a group of children go missing Solomon is once again united with a friend from days long past as they battle the elder spirit. Battling the Greater Spirit with David Solomon is forced to expose himself and his abilities on a much grander scale. The resulting exposure has forced him to take a more direct focus upon the city and his duties.