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Legend tells of a young brave called Natcitlenah who was an excellent hunter.
His two brother-in-laws took him out hunting one day. It was a successful
hunting trip, but the older brother-in-law grew very jealous of Natcitlenah’s
great skills as a hunter. He threw Natcitlenah overboard and abandoned him
there, despite the younger brother-in-law trying to stop him.

Natcitlenah did not die, though, he was rescued by the Sea Lions. They took him
to their underwater cave where he used his wilderness survival skill to heal
their chief. In gratitude, they gave him supernatural powers.

Using these powers, Natcitlenah carved eight killer whales out of wood and made
them come to life. Then he sent them after his brothers-in-law and commanded the
whales to kill the older brother but leave the younger one unharmed. When the
whales returned, Natcitlenah said, “Go out into the waters. I created you to
kill my brother-in-law, and no other, and so from now on you shall not harm
another human being.” And the first killer whales never did.

(original myth ends here)

For many centuries the Orcas hunted and played. Eventually they began to pair
off and started families – drifting apart to find new and rich hunting grounds
for their pods. Yuquot, the largest and most playful of the original 8 Orcas,
stayed in Pacific Northwestern waters. He raised many generations of Orca and
earned a reputation for trickery amongst the tribes of the region for toying
with their hunters out on the waters. After many centuries the great old Orca
succombed to old age and passed away.

Recognizing his long years of stewardship over the region, Kikisoblu, the spirit
of the Puget Sound, transformed Yuquot into a guardian spirit to continue
watching and safeguarding the waters. It wasn’t long before stories began to
emerge of a phantom orca that would arrive and guide lost hunters to safety, or
to free trapped whales from fishing nets. All was fine along the coast until
the arrival of modern man and the trapping of killer whales for entertainment
purposes. Yuquot grew angry as he saw one after another of his progeny
dissappear from their ancient home into capitivity in amusement parks and
science aquariums. He began to look for a champion on land to help stop the

Eventually he caught a slight glimmer in the spirit world and swam up to
investigate. He saw a young boy possessed of great physical prowess and good
intentions who reminded him of his creator, Natcitlenah. He had found his

Yuquot is a guardian spirit for the Puget Sound. He is primarily concerned with
the health of his remaining pods of Orcas in the region. After that, he will
work to maintain balance between the different species of water creatures and
man. He does not expressly dislike mankind, in fact he reveres them as his
original creator. However, he does feel that they have lost their direction and
considers the taking of Orca to trap in amusement parks to be a serious insult.

Personality-wise he was the largest, fastest, and strongest of the original 8
Orca, and he loved the thrill of racing through the waters or seeing how high
they could breach into the open air. He was a tenacious hunter and always
sought out the biggest prey that he could find, working with his pod to bring
them down. That inner drive is one of the things that he shares with Bruno, and
one of the reasons he chose him as his champion.

However, there is also another side to Yuquot – that of the trickster. While he
doesn’t necessarily play pranks on people, he certainly does enjoy playing with
Bruno, who he feels is far too serious for his own good. The primary way this
manifests itself is through guiding Bruno into situations for the wrong reason -
for no other reason than for his own amusement. Bruno’s come to learn to take
what Yuquot tells him with a grain of salt.

Yuquot is also enjoying experiencing life through Bruno. He’s had years of
experience hunting on the open sea, but this is his first time to see life
through the senses of a human. Unfortunately for Bruno, that means having his
own personal demon nudging him to live in excess. Prior to his transformation,
Bruno was a fit athlete who took excellent care of his body. Now he’s trying to
deal with satisfying Yuquot’s constant urges for more pancakes, or an extra
serving of sloppy joes, or two or three slices of cake. Yuquot finds all this
amusing, as he personally thinks Bruno is far too skinny and would do better to
develop a nice layer of blubber – it’d help keep him warm when swimming.

The last thing to consider with Yuquot is that he stays true to his orignal
promise – to not harm another human being. Supernatural baddies are fair game,
but he won’t harm humans. He will subdue or hold down people in ways that are
not damaging to them, but no outright violence. What this means for Bruno is
that against other humans he’ll most likely have to depend on his normal