A Spirit of Air & Intellect


Description: An Intellect Spirit Familiar can be simulated by a number of Powers and/or stunts depending on how Powerful it is. However many stunts or powers an owner takes, the final cost must be greater than -1. the following are the ones Theodore had when he was a Familiar to Mr. Nobody.

Item of Power(Intellect Spirit Familiar)

  • [+1] Concealable IoP: Vessal
  • [-1] Capable Researcher
  • [-1] Occultist: Black Magic
  • [-3] Strange Senses(Various)

Refresh Cost: Various


Theodore is a spirit of Air and Intellect born of the fountain of knowledge in the Nevernever created by the birth of Tech companies in Redmond. Mr. Nobody managed to get a hold of him either through his own research or through a bargain he made with someone else. Theodore was originally bound to a Stuffed Bear modeled to look like Theodore Roosevelt, but Mr. Nobody arranged for the creation of a secondary vessel made from a Stuffed Link Hogthrob.

Unlike Harry Dresden’s Bob the Skull, Theodore is a true Familiar. His owner intertwines his or her spirit with Theodore and as a result gains direct access to the abilities of the spirit.

Additionally, Mr. Nobody augmented the Spirit of Air & Intellect by teaching him about the internet and modern technology. This allows Theodore and his Owner to gain information from the Internet and computer systems without using a computer.

However, since Mr. Nobody’s demise Theodore has since been cut off from Mr. Nobody’s soul and has been locked in the Youngblood’s Family Safe.