Dfrpg lord montagueSince he has become police commissioner all of his children have embedded themselves into various areas of public service. This combined with his positive overhaul and investment in the Police department has given the White Court and especially Lord Montague himself with a great deal of insulation. Taking Montague down has been the goal of many people throughout the city for decades, but doing so would seriously tip the scales of balance in Seattle.


Commissioner Montgomery has become the target of an Internal Affairs investigation led by RAYMOND AVILA. Montgomery’s daughter, DELILAH MONTAGUE, turned over evidence of corruption and even murder particularly in his Special Investigations Task Force. The corruption investigation culminated in a warrant being issued for his arrest after SID ROUTMAN, the Captain in charge of the SI Task Force, was killed in a car bombing along with is wife. It is believed that Montgomery silenced the Captain before he could turn against him. Lord Montague realized that he could no longer function as Montgomery and left the city of Seattle. Many in the supernatural community believe that these events may have been orchestrated by AARON MERCER although there is absolutely no evidence to connect him to the case at this time.


Black monday
Dfrpg aaron mercerAaron Mercer, one of the founders of Seattle, has been in exile from the Emerald City for the last 80+ years. It is only because of adept political maneuvering and the tragedy of Black Monday that he yet again resides back in his seat of power on Mercer Island. He was the driving force behind the founding of the Conclave of Emerald which has diluted the power of his archrival, Lord Montague. It is clear that he desires to remove Monty from his seat of power and the two of them are on a collision course. Gods help anyone who gets caught in the crossfire.


With Lord Montague removed from power and fleeing Seattle Mercer will obviously benefit. What he will do now that his rival is vanquished is anyone’s guess.


Dfrpg dozerDozer, leader of the biker gang of werewolves known as the Pack, is one of the most powerful forces in the Seattle area. Even without the Pack to back him up he would be a force to reckoned with. His massive size and his training as a SEAL give him an edge over nearly any opponent. But it is his legendary toughness and his uncompromising manner that have given rise to tales of his invulnerability.


Dozer and the Pack came under attack by forces allied with the god Chernobog, a Slavic deity of winter, wolves and death. His wolf, along with around half of the Pack’s membership, became corrupted and nearly fell under the dark god’s full control. CRAIG BIG EAGLE along with ADRIAN HUGGINS was able to devise a ritual to protect the Pack from that influence by consecrating them to Bellobog, Chernobog’s brother and a deity of the sun and life, but the result is that the most tainted lost connection to their wolf. Including Dozer. He is now trying to find a way to reunite with his wolf and has left the city on a pilgrimage to the wild along with several of his Pack mates.


Dfrpg beatrice addisonBeatrice Addison better known as “AUNT B” runs Edge of the Circle Books on CAPITAL HILL. She is best known as a healer however. After coming back from the Viet Nam conflict where she served as a nurse she dropped out of mundane society and opened her bookstore. She began to tend to the sick and wounded from all the supernatural factions in Seattle out of the back of the store. Her indomitable spirit and great skill at biomancy have made her many allies over the years who owe her favors. It is a foolish being indeed who seeks to harm Aunt B for they would face the wrath of everything from bloodthirsty trolls to angry pixies.


Dfrpg odianaODIANNA OF WINTER, Handmaiden of FERN FROST, was exiled from the Winter Court by Jack Frost himself. It seems she had allowed a mortal wizard, the then youthful ZEBADIAH EINAR, to get close to his daughter whom had fallen in love with him. Once exiled Odiana eventually ended up in Seattle where she opened up a private nightclub called the Masquerade. Although she is one of the lesser nobles of the Winter Court she is more than a handful for any who would face her. Her savagery hearkens back to a more primitive time of violence and her skills as a warrior, wizard and lover are legendary.


Dfrpg cyrus greyFew in Seattle inspire as much fear as Cyrus Grey. According to VITALY KULIKOVA he used to be a mortal and was raised in a strict Puritan fashion at the lost colony of Roanoke Island. It is unknown what brought him in touch with OUTSIDERS or if they had anything to do with the colony’s disappearance. He became a powerful servant for them for over 150 years before he defied them and became the OUTER DARK’S most implacable enemy. The reasons for his changed allegiance are lost to time. He has been a guardian of the SEATTLE UNDERGROUND where the veil between worlds is at its weakest for over 100 years.

Black monday

As seen in THE CAULDRON OF MURDER Grey recently sacrificed himself to save all of Seattle if not the world to make sure the Mad Gods did not gain access to this world.