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“All over the world, dark things are rising up against mortals connected to the supernatural. Killing them or dragging them away into the dark. Creatures that haven’t been seen by mankind in the past two millennia are reappearing. Fighting mortals. Fighting one another. The shadows are boiling over with death and terror, and no one is doing anything about it!”

~Daniel Carpenter Ghost Story


The Emerald City is a website devoted to our Dresden Files Roleplaying game set in Seattle. Because of developments in Jim Butcher’s novels the starting year of our campaign is 2005. As of January of 2017 we, as a group decided to migrate over to the newly released Dresden Files Accelerated game (DFA). We have new players and all new PCs and with the different focus presented in the new rules decided to end this campaign and refocus on starting a new game using many of the same NPCs and utililizing much of the rich history that has evolved after over 7 years of playing in the Emerald City. This is not the end. But a new beginning. If you enjoy this campaign then I urge you to please follow us at our new site:


Black Monday


On September 27, 2006 the Leviathan, one of the many names for a Mad God who wants to supplant our reality with his own, nearly gained access to this world. He was thwarted through the efforts of Warden Zebidiah Einar and his allies but the city of Seattle was ravaged by unprecedented storms followed by the most powerful recorded earthquake in Washington state history. The city was devastated and at least 3000 died with over a 1000 still missing. This was followed by a mysterious madness that seemed to strike the city’s populace causing massive riots centered around the University District and Capital Hill. The National Guard was called in after 2 days and the riots have ended.

Battered and broken the Emerald City is now rebuilding. Only time will tell if it can fully recover from such a heavy blow on what the media has christened as Black Monday.


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