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GM: James



Transcribed by: James and Dave
In Game date: September, 2011
Episode: 77

DAVID CLAY, working on behalf of his client, LISA SHAN, filed his paperwork at the US courthouse in downtown Seattle to gain access to the evidence being brought against her. His paperwork was flawless and well organized and he actually ended up correcting the clerk with his excellent grasp of the law and proper procedure. He had anticipated every possible contingency leaving the experienced clerk amazed by his acumen.

While the golem lawyer was at the courthouse SOLOMON CASTOSTRANI, officially acting as his prime investigator in the Shan case, went to her house in The International District to check on her. Solomon had a sacred duty to look after Mrs. Shan’s family line for the sins of his past and he was anxious to protect her and prove her innocence. He attempted to draw no attention to himself and he failed miserably.

As he was winding his way through the vehicles on Lisa’s narrow street he stumbled into one setting off its alarm. This startled him and he jumped back setting off another car alarm. One alarm was barely noteworthy but two was an event and he found himself the center of attention for several of the residents on the block. One suspicious woman confronted him directly but he was able to use his natural charm (and command of Japanese) to allay her fears.

He learned that she had seen some bikers in the neighborhood lately and when the alarms went off she feared it may have been those hooligans. This was disturbing news to Solomon and he called David immediately after he extricated himself from the adoring neighbor. The two of them arranged to hire Emerald City Investigations to watch Lisa’s house and try to get any information they could from the bikers. As he was making these arrangements he heard the distinctive sound of a Harley echoing up and down the block but it was too far away for him to even get a glance of it.

Feeling a bit unsettled, Solomon decided to visit REVEREND CHARLIE at the Buddhist Temple a few blocks away. Solomon hoped the kind and beneficent monk could tell him more about the Jade Eyed Demon from the missing scroll. The Reverend was a unique soul in Solomon’s experience and he had never met anyone quite like him in all of his 800 years. The monk had an unshakable faith whose depths seemed unfathomable and there was a holiness about him that brought instant calm to the troubled just by being in his presence. Solomon found solace in his garden and the two spoke at length about peace before moving on to the missing scroll. Charlie explained that he did not believe that the Tora Sagami (Crouching TIgers) were behind the theft although he couldn’t rule it out fully. As he was leaving the temple Solomon heard about yet another body being found on the waterfront. Dwayne Townsend, a dock worker and upstanding family man and union member was found mutilated in the same manner as the others.

CHARLES SAMUEL KRESS got out of class from the prestigious Busch school and was about to get on his moped when he was interrupted by a young man with a shaved head and broken glasses who was calling to him from behind a building. Charlie approached him cautiously and noted that his clothes were threadbare and that he had endured several beatings as his face was cut and bruised. The mysterious figure frantically told Charlie that he was being forced to use the Tiger Scroll to hurt people and he needed Charlie’s help to get away from his tormentors. He was about to explain more when his eyes got wide with fear and he hissed at Charlie that they had found him and told him to hide! The battered young man ran off and Charlie moved to hide among other students who were on their way through the parking lot. He saw the huge biker again who seemed to move with a predatory purpose pausing a moment to sniff the air and then follow the mysterious young man. Unfortunately, he also seemed to catch Charlie’s scent because he turned and looked directly at the youthful wizard and his eyes widened in recognition. He regarded Charlie for a moment and then pursued his quarry quickly moving out of sight.

Charlie met David and Solomon at Lisa Shan’s storage facility to see if they could find any more clues to prove Lisa’s innocence. Unfortunately, the unit itself was barren of any new insights because of the thorough job done by the police forensic’s team. It all seemed like a dead end until Charlie pointed out the surveillance cameras that covered the whole storage facility.

David was able to gain access to the recordings from Vanguard Storage after presenting his meticulous paperwork to the clerk. They all viewed the surveillance footage showing Lisa showing up at her unit on the night in question and putting something into storage. But because the open hatchback of her car blocked the camera’s view they couldn’t see what it was. David and Solomon were disappointed until Charlie pointed out an anomaly from the recording. The time stamp showed the video was from the night in question. But that couldn’t be right. It had rained all night that night. And the surveillance showed clear skies. The video must have been switched. Excited, David cross referenced the clerk’s log for clients entering and leaving the facility and noted that the entries did not match the video log at all. This further demonstrated that the logs had been tampered with.

Seeking further evidence to exonerate Lisa the trio went back down to SEATTLE WATERFRONT to view the crime scene at the warehouse. There they found evidence that someone had tampered with the back door into the warehouse building itself. This implied that thief had someone working with him on the inside. Most likely it would have been the clerk who worked the weekends since the robbery had occurred on Saturday night. Charlie did point out that whoever did open all the stolen museum crates must have had a great deal of strength. The heavy wood of the crates was torn and broken. Also the nails were bent at an extreme angle suggesting that whoever did it was probably far stronger than the 95 pound Lisa Chan who the police had pinned their case on. That was all circumstantial evidence and wouldn’t clear her by itself. But it, along with the video surveillance might be enough.

Solomon suggested they bring this evidence to his contact at the Seattle Police Department, DETECTIVE SAM VOLKOV. The homicide detective had his hands full with the investigation into the grisly animal attacks that had so far claimed the lives of 4 Union members. At first he seemed distracted, even uninterested, but they explained that the HU YAO SCROLL was alleged to have the ability to summon a powerful spirit tiger. That caught his attention immediately.

Volkov remembered the M.E. saying that he hadn’t seen anything like the mangled bodies outside of tiger attacks in his native India. The detective realized that his murder investigations and the theft might be related after all.

When Charlie spoke about the massive biker he had noticed following Lisa Shan and that he had seen earlier that day the detective ask that he meet with a sketch artist the next day. Maybe they could identify him and the young man he had been chasing. He also suggested someone talk to JACK YOUNGBLOOD about all this other strangeness as he would have a better grasp on it. That was when a call came over the detective’s radio about two new victims found in WEST SEATTLE. There was a difference though. The dead were completely naked.

The three of them made their way to the crime scene and David noticed they were being tailed by bikers. Solomon stopped at a coffee shop suddenly and used it as a pretense to record the license number of one of the bikes. They got back into the car and went to the scene of the murders. As they approached the area cautiously they noticed a couple of bikers talking to a beautiful woman in deference. She seemed really angry and it made Charlie suspect she knew the victims.

Solomon circled the perimeter of the crime scene and found a massive amount of blood splattered in the overgrown yard of an abandoned house. It seemed that this is where the murders had happened. The police had yet to figure that out so far. Solomon saw the spirits of one of the victims screaming silently while trying to desperately hold together the spirit of his wolf as it was slowly blowing away as if it was made of snow in a high wind. Both the wolf and the man’s spirit looked as if huge chunks had been ripped out them by some monstrous creature. Looking around further Solomon found the other victim who was weeping uncontrollably and babbling about the cold and the terrible stench. But he didn’t seem to be able to communicate more than that. Solomon was able to track down the second biker’s wolf spirit. It had been mangled and shredded beyond saving just like the other one. Both of the spirits had been devoured which greatly alarmed Solomon.

Charlie, who possessed of the gift of psychometry, decided to use it to see if he could find out what happened. Suddenly he was Paolo riding alongside his good friend, Donnie. He was riding the area on the lookout for any trouble on orders from Gypsy. Suddenly a large dark shadowy figure flashed across his field of vision and slammed Don off his bike, he tried to transform but got caught up in his own clothes and the shadowy monster finished him off before Paolo could help. Paolo was in mid transformation when it turned to him, stinking like death and with an aura of cold radiating from it.

Paolo was dead before he could react and suddenly Charlie was back by the house with David and Solomon. He was himself again, but he was having a real difficulty shaking the trauma of what he had just experienced. It left him rattled and he decided to go back to the car and try and shrug it off.

Meanwhile Solomon and David headed down into the basement of the abandoned house to make sure the trouble had passed. They found where they believed the murders took place and Solomon tried to help the spirits of the two men move on, or at least not be devoured by whatever it was that attacked them. Figuring they’d learned what they could and knowing that any immediate danger had passed they called over Volkov and let him know what happened. He told them that if this group of bikers, “The Pack” was involved they could try to meet with their leader GYPSY at Lynn’s Den, a private club they owned.

The group headed to Lynn’s and Charlie noticed that as they get closer it seemed like they were driving into a militarized zone. Heavily armed lookouts were on every street, large wolves shadowed them. There were even heavily armed snipers on the taller roofs.

They all realized that the Pack was prepared for a war. The club itself looked less like a club and more like a disguised bunker from the outside but inside the atmosphere was different, people seemed more relaxed and were having a good time. At least until the three of them showed up. They met with Gypsy in her office toward the back of the establishment, and Charlie instantly recognized her as the attractive woman on the bike earlier. They told her about what had happened with her compatriots and their wolf spirits being devoured, and she was upset by the news.

When they were asked to leave young Charlie noticed a picture on the wall with the biker he had been seeing everywhere with a name on his cut, ‘Dozer’. When he mentioned the name the room got quiet and Gypsy visibly paled. She angrily told the trio to leave. It seemed like they were left with more questions than answers. But that would have to wait till tomorrow. Charlie had to get up for school in the morning.





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