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GM: James



Transcribed by: James
In Game date: September, 2011
Episode: 78

After visiting THE PACK, who seemed to be preparing for war, at their headquarters in the seedy strip club called Lynne’s Den, DAVID CLAY and SOLOMON CASTOSTRANI made their way to a pay phone at the train station downtown to see if they could reach the young Warden JACK YOUNGBLOOD. They hoped Jack, who had grown up on the streets of Seattle and who was infinitely more familiar with the players of the city than they were, could shed some light on what they had learned so far. Unfortunately Jack wasn’t available according to his wife, ABIGAIL WHARTON-YOUNGBLOOD. David realized that Abi, who had once been possessed by a ancient fallen angel, might be even more helpful than Jack and asked if they might stop by for a visit the next day. Abi agreed and David winced to hear the fatigue in her voice. She had been battling cancer for a few years now and the attorney knew that it had taken its toll on the vibrant young woman.

Meanwhile, CHARLES SAMUEL KRESS, headed home. After all it WAS a school night and he had a cross country meet to go to the next day. He was pushing his battered moped up the driveway to his foster father’s house when he felt it. Cold. Implacable and deadly cold. From the shadows of an old evergreen tree a menacing form emerged calling out to the young wizard. Adrenalin pumped through Charlie’s veins as he instantly recognized the massive biker, DOZER.

The Pack’s former Alpha stepped forward and asked a puzzled Charlie how he and the Warden were related? Cousins maybe? Brothers? He sniffed the air catching Charlie’s scent on the wind. The young man realized that Dozer must have tracked him down from the school like a bloodhound. The biker said he knew Charlie was related to Jack Youngblood. He could tell by his smell that they were family. The big man then lamented that poor Jack, who didn’t take loss well, was going to have a really hard time after Charlie was dead. That was when he began to change.

Dozer vomited a corrupt and shadowy mess that covered his body transforming him into a massive, terrifying wolf like creature that radiated decay and death. The creature turned its hungry eyes on the wizard and snarled just as the front door opened and Charlie’s foster father, FELIX KLINE rolled his wheelchair out onto the porch asking if Charlie was OK. Charlie looked on in horror as the massive beast placed itself between him and the sanctuary of the house. If he could only get himself and his father behind the potent wards that he and his half brother had placed around Kline’s home they would be safe.

Faster than his eye could follow the demon wolf leaped at Charlie ripping a furrow of blood into his chest with its deadly talons. Realizing that he had to hit it with everything he could muster Charlie reached deep down within himself and blasted the wolf with a bolt of lightning that would have dropped a room full of NFL linemen. It had little, if any effect on the rampaging nightmare beast only inciting an angry bellow from it. Professor Kline could not see much of the monster in the shadows of the front yard but he bravely tried to wheel his chair to his adopted son’s aid. He lost control of his wheelchair and tumbled onto the porch in a tangle of limbs half in and half out of the house’s protective wards.

Charlie tried to get to the professor and get behind the house’s wards but Dozer was a canny foe. He got to the crippled man before the young wizard and grabbed him by the neck dragging him further into the yard. Charlie had no choice but to follow and he desperately tried to use his magic to drive off the monster that menaced them but had no success. Dozer was just too powerful. He knew very well that he had no chance but he hoped that he could maybe buy his foster father enough time to escape with his life. He stared defiantly at the jaws of death as his doom approached. That was when he noticed the headlights of a car approaching at full speed.

With supernatural grace Solomon Castostrani leaped from the moving car, using its momentum to propel him, flipped off a couple of branches and landed between Charlie and the wolf protectively. With a screech of tires David jumped out of his car to back up his friends. During the distraction Charlie used wind magic to propel his foster father back into the house unharmed.

It turns out that the attorney had forgotten his case notes and needed them back from Charlie. It was pure luck that he had forgotten them and completely out of character for him to do so. When they were driving to Charlie’s house they saw the strange flash of lightening and recognized that Charlie was using his magic to protect himself. They had made it just in time to save their young friend’s life. David offered up a prayer to Yahweh thanking him for their fortunate timing and became a massive creature of clay and power. After a flurry of moves and counter-moves Dozer realized that he couldn’t prevail against the three of them and fled the scene with Solomon close on his tail. The canny wolf managed to duck his pursuer and fled into the night.

In the aftermath Solomon and David were able to help young Charlie explain away the battle as a wild animal attack and get Kline settled into his bed. Afterward they spoke to the current Alpha of the Pack, GYPSY, and let her know that Dozer had been active and to try and explain what he had become. The impressive young woman thanked them for the information gruffly and told them she owed them a favor.

The next day Charlie went to school and was forced to back out of his track meet due to his injury. His coach was disappointed but seemed very supportive once the young man showed him his bandages. Charlie searched old yearbooks in vain to see if he could recognize the boy with the shaved head and glasses that Dozer had been chasing the day before.

While he was in school David and Solomon were dismayed at a news report that the kindly union boss VIC KOLWALSKI had been ripped to pieces in a similar manner to the other victims while he was in his home. This was a heavy blow to the Union especially since they had been planning on a strike in answer to Novoship’s undercutting bid.

The two of them visited the sickly Abigail and she spoke to them about CHERNOBOG explaining that he had nearly corrupted the entire Pack after taking over Dozer a few years ago. But, because of a powerful ritual that consecrated the werewolf bikers to the light of Bellobog they had been saved from that corruption. Dozer, along with those that had been most tainted by the Black God, had lost touch with their wolf spirits and were no longer able to shapeshift into a wolves after the ritual. He and several of the others had left to try and atone for their sins and hadn’t been seen in a while.

She said that even the Fallen Angel, AZAEL, who had at one time possessed her respected the power of Chernobog which caught David’s attention. Azael was a powerful being who held most in contempt. She also made mention that the God of Winter, Murder and Death had been rumored to have joined the Fomor. But she could not confirm such a statement.

After school he met his friends at the police station and sat down with a police sketch artist and gave them a likeness of the boy who had claimed he was being forced to use the Hu Yao scroll under duress. Afterward they met with the computer expert, Eugene “Grizzly” Grisby to see if he could help them decipher what was going on with the footage from the storage facility where LISA SHAN had supposedly hidden her stolen items from the waterfront warehouse heist. Grizzly was able to prove that the files had been tampered with and cross referenced them with patron log ins showing that the footage was actually from a few weeks before. This further supported Lisa’s innocence.




I worry when a recurring evil like Dozer is GM only…
Love the story line on Abigail.
While rare I get to check in nowadays, it is awesome that you all still craft a great story- thanks!! (Killervp aka abu_is_evil)


Thanks, Killer/Abu! I am happy to keep it going as well. Hard to believe we have been playing this campaign for 6 years now! It nearly died recently when over half of the players ended up moving out of town but we have some new blood to keep it going. As for Dozer, he was mostly GM only to keep the players from realizing that I had changed his character sheet to show his new abilities and allegiances. I didn’t want to give the mystery away too soon. :D


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