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Transcribed by: Dave with editing by James
In Game date: September, 2011
Episode: 80

David Clay went to find out what he could about the mysterious Charles Glup who had dealings with Casimir Solokov and was the owner of Novoship, meanwhile SOLOMON CASTOSTRANI went to West Seattle to get a better idea of what was going on in The Pack’s territory after the takeover and ‘gas main explosion’ at Lynns Den. He was promptly escorted out by members of the pack who were suspicious of any new faces in their territory, but not before noticing that they were rounding up/corralling people for some reason.

CHARLES SAMUEL KRESS in the meantime was brought into the office of Vice Principal Richard Verner. Sure that Charlie was dealing drugs or some other nefarious activity, they had searched his locker and wanted to question him about what had happened the day before. People had seen him when he was confronted by the wanted murderer BARRY GOLDMAN. They were interrupted by a very beautiful, attention grabbing and mightily compelling woman who convinced the VP and the police officer who was there to search Charlie’s bag, that it would be better if she talked to the young man. Alone.

Charlie answered her questions strangely honestly, as if he didn’t have the choice but to do so. She revealed that DOZER, who she referred to by his full given name, Milton Emmett Wierzbowski, had been captured and ritually murdered and was now fully a servant of Chernobog. The alluring woman explained that she believed that Dozer was being used in an attempt to either enslave or possibly destroy The Pack. That would fundamentally shift power in the region leaving the city largely defenseless to the supernatural.

She noted that the outcome of all this mess would be left to Charlie, Solomon, and David to determine. Charlie couldn’t help but notice that she seemed uncomfortable, even afraid as she gave him that information. She left without giving Charlie her name but he did note that the police officer who was waiting seemed to defer to her. Was she some kind of cop maybe?

Solomon had a talk with Bruno, Abigail and Gypsy. He found that Craig Big Eagle had not called Bruno back since he went to check the warehouse where The Pack remnants might have been hiding. As no one could get a hold of him Charlie was tasked with hastily putting together a ritual to locate him. The ritual led us to the waterfront, into Novoship territory. It was guarded heavily by the same strange squamish men that had attacked the school in pursuit of Barry Goldman the day before. Because of a heavy fog the trio managed to make their way to the heavily guarded warehouse without being spotted.

When they got close, Solomon noted that the warehouse seemed to have some form of protective warding. Realizing it would take too much time to take down the wards and fearing for the fate of Craig Big Eagle the allies debated on what to do next. They heard the roar of motorcycles signaling the approaching Pack and decided to just try and sneak in undetected before it was too late.

Inside were more of those strange fishmen, a contingent of Russians led by Solokov, and a new face they realized was Charles Glup all waiting on or preparing a ritual involving an unconscious Craig Big Eagle on an circular platform. Charlie deduced that the wards on the warehouse walls would prevent any member of the Pack from accessing their spirit allies thus preventing them from shape-shifting into their powerful wolf forms. He also realized that the ritual that Glup was performing would climax with the death of Big Eagle. Charlie remembered Jack telling him at one point about how Big Eagle had consecrated The Pack in the name of Bellobog protecting them from Chernobog’s terrible influence. He suspected Glup’s ritual would negate that protection leaving The Pack vulnerable to Chernobog’s corrupting influence yet again.

The allies knew they had to act, but took a few moments scout the situation as Dozer and his pack rolled into the warehouse. Solomon acted first jumping at Solokov to create a distraction drawing fire from The Pack as well as Sokolov and the Russians. Solomon vanquished many foes with his superior speed and evaded almost all attacks with graceful martial arts honed over 800 years of discipline. David simply used brute force to batter his foes into submission as bullets and hand weapons ripped into his clay form doing little if any damage. Meanwhile, Charlie attempted to counter the energies of Chernobob’s Ritual by engaging in a battle of wills with the strange warlock Charles Glup.

While the foes were formidable, and Solomon and David had sustained a substantial beating they managed to turn the tide of events after wounding Glup and rescuing Big Eagle, In a last ditch effort to redeem the situation Dozer attempted to take out Solomon who had been giving him trouble since they first encountered each other. He barked orders at The Pack who obeyed him without knowing that he was an undead thing and no longer the vibrant leader they had known.

With Glup’s ritual disrupted Charlie attempted to reveal Dozer’s corrupted nature to the members of the pack using the power of his True Name given to him by the mysterious woman earlier that day. While Charlie was successful, and Solomon remained relatively unharmed, the young man had managed to over-exert himself and sustained serious strain to his magic. Glup, Dozer, and Sokolov all managed to escape but The Pack, while bloodied and battered survived the attempt to enslave or destroy them and fully rejected Dozer for the monstrous tool of the Black God that he was. They all made their escape as the battle on the docks finally drew distant sirens in the night.





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