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GM: Justin



Transcribed by: James
In Game date: January, 2009
Episode: 68

JACK YOUNGBLOOD sneaked out of the Radcliffe Clinic as PETER JERICHO appeared on the morning news to claim that there was a gas main explosion that caused the damage to the Queen Anne chapter of the Mount Venus Tabernacle. He made no mention of the Outsiders that he was keeping in his basement or that Jack and his allies destroyed them in rather spectacular fashion knocking the whole side of the building off. But that had nothing to do with Jack’s morning excursion. The young Warden wanted to confirm that he had indeed found evidence of his mother’s legacy. The magic he had sensed that was concealing the ley line convergence located at the Space Needle had a signature that might very well be ALICE YOUNGBLOOD’S. Could it have something to do with her disappearance all those years ago?EC_COM254.png

Jack got to the back door of the clinic and found a note left by AUNT B along with a pastry and a cup of coffee. The note simply admonished him to “Be Careful”. Jack should have known that he couldn’t sneak out without the gruff but kindly Aunt B knowing about it. He gratefully woofed down the pastry and drank the coffee as he made his way to his own house on CAPITOL HILL.

His house had been nearly destroyed by the Venatori Umbrorum and was in the middle of being rebuilt. Jack made his way through the plastic sheeting that was tacked up to prevent further water damage and found an old box of his mother’s things in the basement. He almost reverently opened the box and was able to confirmed without doubt that the feeling he had gotten from map at the church was indeed a product of his mother’s magic.

Jack made his way back to the clinic and rendezvoused with his allies and told them about the ley line convergence and its link to his mother. After making plans Jack, along with MATHEWWOOFRILEY, headed down to SEATTLE CENTER where Jack planned on using his wizard senses to examine the Space Needle and see if he could figure out what his mother was up to. Meanwhile, ROY MULLENIX went down to the King County records office to do some research on the Space Needle to see if he could find any other leads. What the detective discovered was astonishing. Excited he left immediately for the Space Needle to pass on what he discovered.

EC_COM255.png Jack was able to center himself and commune with the spirits surrounding Seattle Center. On the surface he sensed the great optimism and a vision of the future the Space Needle imparted even decades after it had been built. It truly is the heart of the city he thought. He also sensed a powerful magic on the site. The same magic he had felt before. His mother’s magic. But it wasn’t just hers. There were many others who had been involved in an extremely powerful ritual. He recognized a second magical signature. That of the Gatekeeper.

Intrigued Jack opened his Sight fully and looked upon the iconic building. He saw the Space Needle as a spike that cemented the Nevernever and the mundane world together preventing any other realities from gaining a toe hold on this world. It specifically guarded against Outsiders and would make it difficult for any intrusion by them. That was why the ritual to bring LEVIATHAN into this reality that SAWNEY BEAN had attempted had required so many sacrifices to power it.

EC_COM256.pngWhen the Warden came out of his trance he found Roy waiting impatiently. The former detective had discovered something important. Barely able to contain himself Roy explained that he had found several things out about the Needle. First off, the roof cap resembled the kind of telemetry tracker used by NASA to locate dead pulsars. The purpose of that seemed unclear but it might have had something to do with the ritual Jack had identified. But what had Roy most excited is the name of one of the designers of the Space Needle. He showed Jack a copy of the plans he had gathered at the records office. At the bottom the design was attributed to “A. Youngblood”. Jack was floored by this definitive proof of his mother’s hand in the iconic building’s creation. Gaining resolve from his mother’s efforts to prevent Outsider incursions Jack declared that they had to do something immediately about Jericho.

The group gathered and it was decided that they would snatch Jericho that evening. They met with The Pack and made arrangements to use their warehouse in the UNIVERSITY DISTRICT. It had been the site of the cleansing ritual that CRAIG BIG EAGLE had used to save the werewolves from Chernobog’s influence. GYPSY, The Pack’s Current Alpha in DOZER’S absence, agreed to let them use the building. The biker’s owed them after all. They had defended them from a Venatori assault team allowing Craig to finish that ritual.

After securing the location Jack and LEIF WOTENSEN set out to make it impossible for Jericho to escape them. The two worked their magics combining them to make a circle that would be able to block any attempts by the priest to gain access to the spirit world or use magic of any kind. Jack made a call to the Wardens and let them know what they faced and their plans. Ramirez, chief Warden of the region, gave their plan his blessing. EC_COM257.png

With their prison ready the group set out to ambush the Outsider preacher and capture him. Riley had determined the best locale to set the ambush based on the information that ANDREW MARSHAL’S surveillance had provided them. They planned on hitting Jericho near the waterfront off of Queen Anne as he left the church for his apartment.

After waiting for a short time they spotted the preacher’s limo. Wasting no time Jack stepped out of the alley where the group was waiting and used air magic to pop all four tires of the vehicle. Or at least that is what he tried to do.

The car was heavily warded against just that kind of magic and Jack was a bit unprepared when his spell had absolutely no effect. He cried out to his allies, who were all just as surprised that Jack’s magic had been thwarted, and they reacted immediately to stop the limo. Riley fired a rapid burst from his M-14 at the driver of the vehicle but missed as it went evasive. Roy wasted no time and unloaded a long barrage of rounds from his M-249 Squad Automatic Weapon into the engine block of the car causing it to swerve into a street light with a loud crash. Two guards leaped from the vehicle and immediately began laying down suppressive fire with their submachineguns. Jericho took off down the street with impressive speed under their cover fire. Braving the fire Jack stepped out from cover and worked a quick binding magic wrapping Jericho in thick tendrils of spirit magic stopping him in his tracks while Leif cast a warding spell to protect his allies.

EC_COM258.pngWoof returned fire and noticed that while the guard was wearing a bullet proof vest it was his inhuman toughness that allowed him to survive with little damage. The guards continued to fire at the group and Roy blasted back with little effect as they dodged his fusillade with uncanny speed. Roy managed to avoid the return fire while Jack reinforced his spell holding the priest in place. Leif noticed that Jericho’s brow was wrinkled in concentration and, hoping to prevent any magic, taunted him to no effect. Jericho paid him no mind and continued to focus.

Realizing they couldn’t afford to tarry any longer than necessary Woof made his move leaping into the guard’s withering suppressive fire and causing them to duck down with his own accurate bursts. In desperation one guard threw a grenade but the group managed to take cover from the blast unharmed. Meanwhile the other guard charged the former SEAL and staggered him with a powerful blow. That was when Jack unleashed more of his magic. For a wizard as powerful as Jack it wasn’t easy to reign his power and not kill someone with it. But Jack used air magic to release a taser blast of lightning that left the Disciple of the Outsiders in shock with his muscles twitching. Leif used that moment to charge out of the alley on Sleipnir engine roaring and attempted to KO the priest with the blunt end of his spear. While his blow landed on Jericho’s head he somehow managed to stay conscious still wrapped up tight in Jack’s binding spell. That was when the SLENDER MAN arrived.

EC_COM259.pngWith contemptuous ease the dark apparition shredded Jack’s powerful magic and gathered the priest up obviously planning on spiriting him away. Knowing that they couldn’t let Jericho escape Riley blasted a hole in the man’s chest and Roy unloads the remainder of his ammo ripping him to shreds. The guards react with a fury firing on the companions and one of them throwing another grenade to little effect. Screaming “Enough” Jack cast a mighty strobe spell that blinded everyone at the scene leaving him suffering from a terrible headache after casting so much magic. The guards took off while the Slender Man seemed to acknowledge Jack’s power with a nod before vanishing himself. They had won. They hadn’t meant to kill him but Jericho would no longer enthrall his parish with false promises. For now they would have to content themselves with that.

In the aftermath of the battle Jack used his magics to wipe the entire crime scene of any forensic evidence that might tie the group to the attack and they left just as they heard the sirens of the first responders. Leif gathered Jericho’s body on his motorcycle and fled. Shortly afterward Roy got a call from his new Captain telling him that he was going to be the lead investigator in the attack on a local priest. He had no choice but to accept.





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