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GM: James



Transcribed by: Bradford
In Game date: February, 2009
Episode: 71


Three years ago, the earthquake and storm known as BLACK MONDAY left hundreds dead and hundreds more homeless as it turned WEST SEATTLE into a No Man’s Land. A haze fell over the area, a lingering darkness that lead to a rapid increase in violence, drugs, gangs and things that went bump in the night unknown to most mortals.

Keeping order in this chaos is the Seattle Police Department. West Seattle in particular has the officers of the 13th Precinct, one of the only things to survive the disaster. But, the spirit of humanity endured…

The area began to be rebuilt thanks to Radcliffe Construction and other interests.

After former police chief Ronald Montgomery had been implicated in corruption charges and the death of SID ROUTMAN Seattle law enforcement took a heavy blow. A month ago, the death of PETER JERICHO culminated in a series of Internal Affairs Investigations that dissolved Seattle PD’s Special Investigations Division. With it came changes including the appointment of CAPTAIN JEFF CLARK as the 13th Precinct’s top cop and the reassignment of police officers all of over the city.

DETECTIVE SAMANTHA VASQUEZ & DETECTIVE SAM VOLKOV started their partnership at the 13th Precinct on a Graveyard Shift. Maxine Gordon had been convicted of murdering her family, but always claimed innocence. The case generated a national controversy and a crowd of protesters outside the 13th the night of her execution blocked Detectives Vasquez & Volkov from getting to work on time.

EC_COM260.pngOfficer Witfield of the 13th argued in the lobby with CRAIG BIG EAGLE, making an ass of himself in the process. He felt that Gordon should fry for her crimes. She had been convicted of murdering her two small children and her husband. She was scum according to him and didn’t deserve to live. Craig retorted that she may have been convicted but that did not mean that she deserved execution. What if she was falsely convicted? Isn’t it better for the State to incarcerate her for life instead of potentially executing a single innocent person?

Vasquez introduced herself by informing the arrogant and obnoxious Witfield that department regulations required personal decorum and behavior from all of its officers. Something he was sorely lacking with his crude language. Detective Volkov introduced himself by “politely” getting the officer to go take a walk. Volkov’s senses of smell and hearing had been improving over the past year and he could smell alcohol on this officer’s breath. He confronted him about it and Witfield said that he had had a beer with dinner and that he never went on the job impaired. Officer Witfield preferred to save face than continue the argument.

Craig Bigeagle was intrigued by the behavior of both Detectives and introduced himself as one of the few pillars of Seattle’s many struggling communities. Bigeagle scrutinized Detective Volkov and seemed to get a full measure of the man after only a single handshake. Volkov felt something odd pass between them but had no idea that Bigeagle was gifted with the Sight.


EC_COM261.pngThe pair went inside and met withCaptain Clark, who was just getting off shift himself. Detective Samantha Vasquez was new to town, having just joined the SPD after a stint at the FBI and fallout from an investigation gone bad. She assured Captain Clark that under her supervision, investigations would go BY THE BOOK. Sam Volkov on the other hand was one of Clark’s people from the U-District, a cop with a reputation for being very persuasive and for getting things done in the line of duty. Legally or not. Clark was sure that Volkov would show Vasquez how things were done in Seattle PD even if it seemed that in the past year Volkov was acting…different.

Captain Clark informed the new Detectives that they had been assigned the case loads of a pair of detectives no longer with the department; One dead and one demoted to Patrolman. He thought that would keep them busy for a while on their first few shifts.

At Midnight Maxine Gordon was executed…EC_COM262.png

Not long after she was declared dead by lethal injection two bodies were discovered at an apartment building down the road.

Detectives Vasquez and Volkov found the two bodies on top of each other, splattered on the pavement in front of a five-story apartment building being renovated by Radcliffe Construction. The pair of dead men looked to be in their 50s and 60s, covered in dirt and track marks and looked to have fallen off the roof. A pair of the many homeless made by Black Monday.

To Detective Volkov though, the pair smelled of body odor and…McKellan’s Whiskey. A beverage way outside their budgets. With construction ongoing, the only tenets in the apartments were the manager, David Freeman and his 16 Year old son, Michael. When the Detectives arrived at his door, he returned with some Proletariat Pizza for his son’s late night study session for Honors courses. Michael, clearly scared of the police, claimed he hadn’t see anything, and that his music was too loud.

EC_COM263.pngBut a trail of evidence, testimony and smells proved to the Detectives that while Michael was a good kid on his way up, he was hiding something. A little Good Cop(Vasquez), Bad Cop(Volkov) later and Michael cooperated and revealed what he knew.

A bunch of kids from the uber expensive and prestigious Bush School paid Michael $50 dollars to let them onto the roof so they could give some homeless men some drugs and booze and record a Bum Fight. Apparently they had grandiose dreams of turning the video into an internet sensation that they would turn into a full fledged TV show gaining fame and fortune. Michael identified the trio as TJ Radcliffe and his friends Jason & Chase.

Further investigation turned up a website owned by “TJ Knockout”, but the rest would have to wait until morning.

At around 5am the detectives got another call. The body of a dog was found desecrated at the Forest Lawn Memorial Cemetery, the place Maxine Gordon was buried after her execution hours before.

Vic Loomis, Groundskeeper showed the detectives the animal. A Show Dog with a pentagram carved into his head. According to the local priest at the scene, the murder of this animal would have desecrated the grounds of the cemetery. Meaning that Maxine Gordon had not been buried in Holy Ground which was particularly disturbing to him since she was a life long practicing Catholic. The father said that he believed in her innocence and was very upset by this horrific act. He could think of no other reason to do this to an animal other than to imperil Maxine’s immortal soul.

Sam Volkov found himself stricken with unusual passion for this crime. No decent person does this to a dog…

Getting to the 10th hour of shift, the partners split up to follow up on their two new cases. Detective Vasquez went to the Bush School and talked to the Head of School about the three boys. In confidence the Headmaster identified Radcliffe’s other two cohorts and told Vasquez to throw the book at them. In his opinion they were spoiled rotten and entitled sociopaths and deserved to be in prison.

EC_COM264.pngTJ Radcliffe is exactly who they thought, the son of Trevor Radcliffe, owner of Radcliffe Construction.

Chase Addison is the Son of a senior partner at Addison, Gilmore & Huntzberg Law Firm. It is considered the most powerful law office in the Pacific Northwest. Small kid, big glasses and very smart.

The final culprit is Jason Prentice. Son of District Attorney Malcolm Prentice. He is really tall and athletic and a star lacrosse player.

The three of them have done all sort of things like this before, but have always managed to get away with it because of their privilege.

Unfortunately, the three of them were interning at Radcliffe Construction so they had a legal right to be on that roof and there is no physical evidence directly linking them to illegal activity….

Meanwhile, Detective Volkov found that the dog, Rags had been stolen from a kid, Mickie Osborn. Taken from the Osborn family’s backyard, Volkov found the dog’s cut off collar(taking it in as evidence) and according to a neighbor, the dog was taken by a what looked like a band of hooligans lately terrorizing the neighborhood, including a tall one. But their identities are still unknown,

The two Sams met back up at the 13th and called it a night, but not before Volkov’s newfound hearing noticed a meeting around the near the back of the parking lot. Volkov recognized ROY MULLENIX from the front pages of a newspaper a few years back talking with Craig Bigeagle and someone else. Volkov didn’t recognize the third party, who looked to be in his twenties wearing a leather jacket and carrying a 6 foot staff of some kind.

EC_COM265.png“It’s similar to the ritual they used on Caroline. This is dangerous, we’ve got to do something…”

When the three noticed Volkov, the man with the staff took a step back and when Volkov rounded the corner was nowhere to be seen.

“Where’s the other guy?” Sam asked.

“What other guy? We weren’t talking to anyone.” The others said in unison, motioning to the empty space Volkov was staring at.

Sam could have sworn he saw, heard and smelled someone there.


Volkov complemented Roy on rescuing the baby girl a few months ago. and admired how he kept at the job despite being demoted to patrolman. Roy shrugged off the complement, having head of Volkov’s sordid reputation, and walked off to get back on his beat. Craig seemed concerned about the dead dog and offered to help find out more about the crime and its unusual circumstances. When asked if he knew anyone who might know something more, he admitted he did not.

Before retiring for some much needed sleep, Sam Volkov wrote down the general description of the disappearing man he swore he saw, the details he heard and people at that meeting on a sticky note. He put the sticky note on his computer, so that he could follow up on it next shift…





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