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GM: James



Transcribed by: Bradford
In Game date: February, 2009
Episode: 72

DETECTIVE SAM VOLKOV and DETECTIVE SAMANTHA VASQUEZ‘s second night as Detectives at Seattle’s 13th Precinct started with the unexpected. DETECTIVE JOHNNY WILLOCK sat at Volkov’s desk, scrutinizing the STICKY NOTE Volkov had written for himself describing the mysterious man he had seen the previous shift.

“What are you into, Volkov?” Willock asked, his feet up on the desk.

“Police work. Why are at you at my desk?”

“Read your report from last night. The Dead Hobo Case. That kid Freeman looks good for it…”

EC_COM266.pngAlthough Willock had been Volkov’s friend from his days as a rookie, their relationship had soured over the past year. Willock used to be a great guy, the guy who knew how to make an extra buck as a cop. Guy who made police work fun… But that was before Volkov’s epiphany changed him for the better.

“Things work a certain way around here. " Willock continued, making more suggestions about the case. “Case like that can be simple. Cut and dry. Some people round here appreciate cut and dry. You should pin this to that Freeman kid. He’ll just grow up to be a thug and you’ll end up arresting him down the line anyway. Just put him away before any upstanding citizens like Radcliffe and his friends are hurt by your baseless accusations. Otherwise things could get…dicey for you. And your partner.”

Volkov clenched his fist, “My case, my call. I’ll follow it wherever it leads like a good cop should. And Detective, if you ever make a suggestion like that to me again, I’ll punch you.”

“No need for that, Detective. You’ll learn. " Willock held up the sticky note, “You looking into this guy?”

“Smelled funny last night. Could be nothing. You know somethin’? "

Willock wrote a name on the sticky and stood up, “Since were ‘Friends’ I’ll give you this one for free. You watch your step…”

Willock walked away. After he left Volkov opened a file on his computer. One hidden away, disguised as something innocuous. He recorded every word Willock said to him and the time he did it.

Volkov knew what he was doing would mean nothing but trouble. That it was dangerous. A minefield growing bigger every day. But he had a lifetime of crap to make up for…

He closed the file and looked at the name Willock had written down. “YOUNGBLOOD”.

He did a searched for the description of the man he had seen the previous night, the one who disappeared. He then added that name to it and found some very interesting items.

When his partner, DETECTIVE SAMANTHA VASQUEZ swung by a few minutes later, Detective Volkov shared what he had found.

JOHN FRANCIS YOUNGBLOOD III, 21 years old, had a sealed Juvie record, which after a few calls to some people he knew, Detective Volkov got unsealed. What he found was a rap sheet covered in…weird.

Busted a few times for petty crimes and suspected for a dozen more. B&E. Vandalism. Possibly drugs. Gang affiliations via being former best friends with ELADIO BUENEZ of the Cross Street Kings and his social worker was none other than CRAIG BIG EAGLE. EC_COM267.png

Last Arrested during the Hackmaster serial killer case for...Brandishing a Sword in a public park on the back of an old classic motorcycle. A Motorcycle he later sold to a local Outlaw Biker Leader for a dollar. Weird…

Detained last year in Forks for Public Drunkenness, but in both cases he was not charged due to the good word of then Detective ROY MULLENIX..who was also the arresting officer for some of his Juvie cases.. Weirder…

Weirder still, he was presumed dead last year when his home was assaulted by professionals of some kind. Locals all made exactly the same statement, “Jack Youngblood was always getting into trouble. He ran with a rough crowd. Obviously, this was the work of gang violence.” He later turned back up and was confined to intensive care for a few months.

His Sister, CAROLINE YOUNGBLOOD was abducted in the raid and later found in the home of BARRY GOLDMAN the mass murderer by none other than Roy Mullenix… Further biographical information pointed to ties to the occult. Even his recent marriage to his girlfriend ABIGAIL WHARTON was weird. She had been missing for over 5 years and suddenly turned up unconscious on the street outside a hospice with a gunshot wound and was being treated for cancer at the Radcliffe Clinic on CAPITOL HILL.

Vasquez blinked, “Looks dangerous.”

“Dangerous?” Volkov said, “This guy looks Made.They hit his house with Military-grade weapons. Maybe he’s got his own syndicate. I don’t know. Pretty damn good for a 21 year old.”

“He a suspect?”

“No, just a person of interest. "

“Keep it that way unless you have solid evidence of his involvement. If we do need to bring him him in, we’ll need SWAT.”

“Screw SWAT, I think we would need to send in the frigging Marines for this guy.”

Vasquez went to her own computer and did some gumshoeing of her own. She managed to back trace the IP for belonging to a user ’TJ_Knockout" to TJ Radcliffe. More than enough for a warrant she got in record time and put in the orders for officers to collect the computers of TJ Radcliffe, Jason Prentice and Chase Addison.

As they worked, their attention shifted to the mesmerizing presence of DELILAH MONTGOMERY walking out of the meeting room. Michael Freeman, the kid from last night who had fingered Radcliffe and his cohorts for starting a bumfighting ring that had resulted in two deaths came out of the room a few minutes later with his Father. Michael had recanted his testimony robotically. He now claimed that he let the homeless men into his apartment and they stole the key to the roof. TJ Radcliffe and his friends were not involved and he just wanted to get them into trouble.

Something is not right…

Without Michael’s testimony they had no case. But the warrant for the 3 boy’s computers and cameras was already being served. If they hurried they might be able to legally get evidence off of them if before the morning shift since the warrant was technically valid until then. Volkov and Vasquez decided not to make it a priority to cancel the warrant and let the uniformed officers gather the evidence. It wasn’t exactly by the book but the both of them knew that Freeman was innocent and the arrogant rich kids were responsible for the death of the two homeless men. If there was to be any justice they needed to see those computers.

EC_COM270.pngVolkov noticed that Craig Bigeagle was on the other side of the busy station floor talking on his cellphone. Despite the noise and distance Sam could somehow hear what he was saying. Which shouldn’t have been possible from across a crowed room.

“So, Jack, are you saying that the graveyard was desecrated deliberately so Maxine Gordon wouldn’t be buried on Hallowed Ground? Uh, huh. Yeah. Sure. That makes sense. Well, in that case whoever was behind the desecration will have to come for her body later on, right? Then I suggest keeping an eye on the place.”

Volkov nudged his partner and suggested they go out for a quick cup of Joe down near the graveyard…

Volkov and Vasquez drove to the Graveyard in the dead of night. They arrived in time to notice some teenagers climbing over the fence leaving the cemetery. And at the exact moment from the opposite end there was a pair of adult men going in. One LARGE GUY and one SHORT GUY WITH GLASSES. After a moment’s indecision they called in their position to dispatch and followed the two going in.

As the moonlight illuminated their faces, Volkov recognized Barry Goldman the mass murderer from his wanted poster and a Vory Hitman who had worked for his father. Oddly he had gone missing for the past few years. Suddenly the area got really cold and a SHADOWY FORM with a SWORD appeared before the pair. The three exchanged heated words and a blizzard erupted out of nowhere lashing the whole cemetery dropping visibility to almost nothing. Even stranger were the crazy flashes of intense light as if from blown transformer followed by a loud boom. The pair of killers were knocked backwards as if hit by a truck. The air seemed to crackle with ionized energy making the hair on the two police officers arms stand on end. EC_COM269.png

Vasquez tried her cellphone and it nearly exploded next to her ear. Volkov keyed his radio, but it too was dead. The Cops did what they were trained to do, they gathered their courage and moved in with guns drawn. They could barely stand against the gale force winds that blasted their bodies. But they both bravely fought through the storm to confront the mysterious men.

“Seattle Police, drop your weapons!”

The larger man turned and looked at Volkov with cold dead eyes that promised nothing but pain. Sam remembered his name in that moment. Casimir Sokolov. He had vanished a few years ago after murdering a UW student named Delmont. No one knew where the assassin had gone off to. The big man’s eyes flashed with anger at the interruption and then he charged at him paying no heed to his brandished gun. Volkov fired a volley of bullets, but they did nothing. Probably body armor. It had to be!

The hit man’s huge fist looked to be powerful enough to knock Volkov’s head clean off with one blow and there was nowhere for him to escape. He braced himself for the impact but just before it would have hit him it stopped on a…BARRIER OF LIGHT an inch from his face. There was a massive impact that rang through the night like a bell sending sparks flying. Just the force of the impact was almost enough to knock the policeman and his partner to their knees. Who was this guy? The Hulk?!?!

Goldman turned on the shadowy figure who seemed to be controlling the light barrier and flung something glowing at him while he was distracted with protecting the two officers from the massive hit man. The figure cried out in pain and the barrier of light seemed to vanish.

Then the shadow man cried out some kind of chant in a foreign language that seemed oddly familiar. He slammed a staff into the ground and everyone flew backwards as if they were hit by a massive explosion of light and force. Neither detective knew what happened after that as they were both knocked unconscious by the blow.

Volkov and Vasquez woke up a few minutes later, their ears ringing and heads bleeding from bouncing off some gravestones. Strangely there was no snow on the cemetery grounds, just a strange goo that seemed to be rapidly evaporating. There were no killers either.

But most importantly, the body of Maxine Gordon was gone.

The paramedics arrived and looked the two officers over clearing them to go back to work. They began investigating the scene. Vasquez found SHOE PRINTS and a EMPTY PACK OF CIGARETTES, but no sign of the strange blizzard or of the three mysterious combatants other than an odd impact crater. It looked like someone had used dynamite to blast a hole into the earth but there was no sign of accelerant or explosive residue of any kind. Vasquez was completely stumped. She had been a forensic specialist with the FBI yet she had no idea what could have caused that kind of explosion but leave no trace evidence. It was simply…impossible.

“Vasquez! Volkov! Get in here!” A voice came through the station and hour later. CAPTAIN JEFF CLARK brought the partners into his office and proceeded to chew them out for letting two known murderers get away and with a missing dead body to boot. He told them to drop the bum fight case and find those two killers.

Luckily, the computers from the kids came in and the partners knew just the guy to help them crack them.

EC_COM268.pngEugene “Grizzly” Grizby was the 13th Precinct’s go-to Computer Forensics expert. Griz was one of the many private contractors in the business who made a lot more money consulting on cybercrime than he ever actually would committing cybercrime. And he liked to help the department financially by getting paid with unique local Root Beers he hadn’t tried yet.

Griz took one look at the computers from the three teenagers and claimed that he should be able to get whatever was on them before the warrant expired.

Meanwhile, Volkov and Vasquez went their separate ways in pursuit of more evidence.

Detective Volkov called Craig Big Eagle and asked for an explanation about the night’s events.

“What the hell just happened out there?” Volkov asked.

“I have no idea what you mean, Detective…” Big Eagle responded over and over and over again…

Volkov knew that Big Eagle knew something but he didn’t have any proof he was actually hiding anything.

He asked about the symbols being related to the Occult. Big Eagle responded that he was aware of the occult link, but nothing that would help a police investigation. Nothing relevant to the case that might produce a lead. Just superstitions that a man like Volkov wouldn’t believe.

Volkov asked about John Youngblood III and Craig stood up for “Jack”.

“He is one of my best success stories, "Craig mused, “He WAS a bad kid. But he turned his life around. He married his girl, Abby. He has more responsibility now. He is a good man.”

Volkov’s anger boiled over. He knew this guy was hiding something and then he inexplicably growled….it was such a surprise that it left Sam speechless. Craig was strangely amused.

Craig gave Sam his information in case there was anything further then got up, excused himself and politely left. But Sam Volkov knew there was more to this Youngblood, so he took a drive.

Meanwhile, Vasquez drove to follow up with the Freeman Family and upon getting out of her car was assaulted by two homeless men. She managed to fight them off and chased them down rather easily and offered to let them off of the charge of assaulting a police officer for answers.

The Homeless men said that a bunch of rich kids hired them to watch the Freeman place and chase off anyone who came by. Unfortunately, Vasquez couldn’t substantiate this even after talking with the Freeman family again since they both gave the same robotic testimony as before. It almost seemed like they were drugged. Or hypnotized maybe???


Volkov met up with now Patrolman Roy Mullenix and asked him a few questions. Although Roy had fallen far, he was still the superior cop. He dodged all of Volkov’s questions and took no small pains to show that he felt that Volkov was still a crooked cop despite his, “Change of heart” recently.

When Volkov asked about Youngblood, Roy stood up for him and called him, “Solid.” According to popular lore around the department, Detective Mullenix rarely said that about anybody…

EC_COM271.pngBut the elder cop appreciated the effort to keep the peace and flat out told Volkov to stay out of the spooky stuff. He said, “Get in this too deep you’ll hurt everyone you love and have sworn to protect. Innocents will get caught in the crossfire,” he paused and Volkov could see some hidden pain in his eyes, “Believe me. I know what I am talking about.”

Volkov steeled himself and said, “If it means doing what’s right, it’s worth it.”

Roy smiled at the kid and took his leave to walk his beat.

The Sam and Samantha met back up at the Precinct to a load of processed Forensic Evidence.

The computers had all been wiped to the factory specs. All but one that is. Chase Addison’s computer had a video introduction to on it. It was an opening credits scene that showed footage of several fights as well as listed the 3 boys as the producers of the show. It might be enough. They’d see.

Meanwhile, forensics had matched evidence from the graveyard. The Empty Cigarette Pack had fingerprints on it and they had gotten a hit when they ran them. Four teens had recently been arrested after spray-painting inverted pentagrams all over school. They got the vandal’s mug shots and showed them to the bigoted old man, Bernard Dent, who lived across the street from the Osborn’s where the dog was stolen and he confirmed they were the ones he had seen two nights ago.

This gave the partners cause to bring in and interrogate Four kids who had been identified:

Sam Randolph’s fingerprints were a match to the Empty Cigarette Pack from the graveyard. He was a nervous young black kid who had some clear sexual identity issues.

Doug Guthrie, a typical oily haired nerd was really nervous and his very expensive and rare tennis shoes were a match to the shoe prints found in the cemetery.

Lisa Griffin was an overweight goth girl from a broken home who acted out with a rebellious attitude that manifested in typical teenage angst.

EC_COM272.pngThe fourth kid, Troy Wilkerson, was a nihilistic Mallrat Goth kid. Very arrogant with abandonment Issues according to Vasquez. His mother was a divorcee who was a cardiac surgeon who was always busy with her job. Troy was often left alone. He wore a Death Metal Shirt for “Death Cult for Cutie”.

He also had a record for stealing books from the West Seattle Library, namely the Chertoff Codex, a 200 year old handwritten volume. It was from the rare books collection and when Vasquez looked into it she was told that the only person in Seattle who might have some information on it was at the U.W. library. His name was ADRIAN HUGGINS.

All of them claimed they were only at the Graveyard because they had heard on the news about the Satanic Ritual that had been done there and they were simply curious to know what was going on. When asked why they had stayed there for so long they eventually admitted to smoking some pot. They said they left when they saw three men enter the grounds who looked dangerous.

Troy, clearly the smartest of the group didn’t say anything and openly mocked the two detectives who couldn’t manage to get a good read on him.

Wilkerson continued to mock the Detectives when the kids’ legal advocates forced the detectives to let them go because they had no evidence on them…




Love this: What he found was a rap sheet covered in…weird.
Great to see you still going!!


We took a brief hiatus from the Emerald City because we wanted to give Fate Core a spin. So I have been running Fate of the Jedi and we have been really enjoying it.

But then one of the Players had to leave the country for a couple of months so we ended up going back to the EC. However, we are using new player characters specifically made for this scenario. It has been a lot of fun examining the regular PCs through the lens of characters who have no idea about the supernatural. :D


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