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GM: Bradford (Lanodantheon)


Ec full circle07

Transcribed by Bradford (Lanodantheon)
In Game Date: December 2007
Episode: 38

Over the cellphone the heroes listened to the battle between Big G and Dozer.Ec com88

“Knight of The Water. A Warrior they call you…Dogman.” Big G said as he beat up Dozer over the phone.

“Who the F*** are…?” Dozer said, silenced by fists and concrete.

“I am named for my father who was named for the human town he was bound to protect. Gubbio…But my children call me ‘Big G’”

Dozer spit out a tooth. “Dogman? We’re the Pack. We’ll cut off your balls and put them on my wall.”

Dozer’s fist made an odd sound when it broke on Big G’s skin.

“You murdered my children. I would love to filet you… but my master is on a time table…”

“Let’s get this over with then!” Dozer moved into Wolf Form…but Big G retorted with strength beyond strength. The Wolfman roared then screeched between broken teeth.

“Local Legend says you cannot die…Let’s test that…”

Dozer’s screech between gritted teeth killed the cellphone next to the two Wizards.

Hot on the heels of the cellphone call to Dozer; Zeb, Jack, Ryan, Osamu and Leif drove like mad to Lynne’s Den in Zeb’s Studebaker. Being a Seattle Native Zeb drove in the left lane at 60 in the middle of the night. Ryan’s sharp eyes saved the Studebaker when he spotted the telltale sign of piano wire strung up at neck level that had already decapitated one member of The Pack.

They found the front door broken down, everyone gone because of the Bag of Dog Biscuits thrown through the front window followed by gunfire. Two Pack members lay very dead, Big G’s fists must hit like Mack Trucks. Jack communed with the spirits of dead Pack Members who had watched the whole thing.

Leif gave medical attention to Dozer who was regenerating in Wolf Form. His heart was missing. When Leif gave Dozer some of his immortal blood, it was a hell of a thing for the Doctor to see a heart regrow in front of his eyes.

Using his spirit power to commune with the Wolf Spirit that gave Dozer his wolf form, Jack found out Big G disguised himself as a prospective Pack member by skinning the prospect and wearing his skin, ambushed the big wolf, took the heart and ran into the Nevernever. Gypsy had decided to follow Big G’s scent to where he had been before the attack. Ec com89

Taking the Obsidian spears from the Native American display in the club and some gravel from the parking lot, the party called Gypsy and followed her to an Apartment in Alki. To the Apartment of Fitzgerald Kennedy, the father of Karolynn Kennedy, the would-be-apprentice of Zeb and a girl possessed by a spirit that Zeb had been forced to kill. When Ryan was a student he remembered Fitzgerald had lost his wife, forcing him and his daughter, Karolynn to become very close. After Karolynn died, Fitzgerald didn’t take the loss well at all it seems.

Leif examined a shrine Fitzgerald had made of a photo of him and his daughter Karolynn upon her old bed. He looked upon Fitzgerald’s image with his Fate Sight.

Leif saw Fitzgerald laid low in the middle of a magical grudge match. He saw him wounded, on his knees amidst broken ground and shards of ice and fire, getting a Coup-de-grace from a wardens’s sword. But Leif also saw the Fate branch off. In another strand Fitzgerald reunited with his Daughter graduating from College very much alive. But that was impossible…

Inside of the apartment was a goldmine of information. Fitzgerald had been doing extensive research on both Zeb and Jack, tracing them and their families through photographs and public records.

The detected traces of Black Magic meant that Fitzgerald had Power and the perfect motive to use it…

Ryan looked upon a map Fitzgerald had been working on a deciphered a Mathematical Pentacle pattern. He located a building in the Warehouse District. Then The Balance tipped again.

The Heroes geared up as Ryan drove. Zeb gathering power, Jack clearing his mind, Osamu practicing a maneuver with the gravel. One the way they called Woof, who had been doing odd jobs for Odiana in Mr. Squire’s absence. He offered to do some sniping with his Barrett .50 caliber sniper rifle. Luckily Ryan saw the spike strip before they drove over it.
Ec com90
With Leif and Ryan running distraction and Woof taking out the snipers one by one, the rest took the Big Bad Wolves guarding the Warehouse by surprise. Osamu smashed one into goo with a death-from-above attack using a pebble while Ryan went toe-to-toe with the other. After slamming one against the brick wall, spearing him with pieces of stonework, the wolf retreated in fear. But Ryan’s vengeance could not be controlled and the open wounds were the perfect place for Ryan’s steel Escrima sticks.

Leif wrenched his bike into a sharp turn spraying gravel into one wolf’s face while Zeb, hidden under a veil, attacked from surprise with an obsidian spear. The Wolf followed up with an RPG attack at close range, but Leif ran the bastard dog down with his motorcycle, leaving a blood trail behind like the delorean in Back to The Future. Jack, hidden by his own spell, merely walked past and jumped the fence towards the warehouse which pulsed with gathering power. Then Big G stepped out.

Unseen, Jack caught Big G by surprise and dispelled the skin suit that protected him with a stroke of his Warden’s Sword. The Skin Suit fell away and revealed Big G to be of…no small stature. 10 feet tall at least…

Jack was certain he had never seen a wolf of this size and hoped he never had to see one again…

Big G swiped at Jack, but Jack desperately deflected the blow. Zeb caught up and used a lightning spell upon the giant wolf. The Wolf had prepared for casters, but not enough for the Magma Kracken. He got turned to a big crispy critter. Then Jack followed up with his Battleship Laserblast, flash frying and bedazzling the wolf before he was executed at long range by a more than happy Woof firing his high powered sniper rifle.

Jack’s Laser Blast cut open the front of the Warehouse, revealing a large ritual space. The same one Leif had seen in his vision. In the center, a large Astrolabe modelling the movement of planetary bodies with a moon made of real moon rocks. Around the astrolabe was were the three casters; Fitzgerald Kennedy, Trey Wellington and Mr. Nobody now mostly rebuilt. The casters were too far along in the ritual to stop now, they had to finish or blow themselves up with backlash. With Wellington and Mr. Nobody were groups of goons dressed strangely and in front of Fitzgerald were a number of potions

But before the group could contemplate how best to dismantle the ritual without blowing up the city, the mysterious Duffle Bag Leif had gotten months before opened. Inside was a note…

“Let the spell go off and follow them.

The Duffle has everything you’ll need.

Drink the Potions or you are all going to die.

Proof I mean what I say: Lief, your fly is unzipped. "

Leif checked and his fly WAS unzipped… He immediately handed out new clothes for everyone to wear, his historical knowledge telling them that the clothes were from the 1930’s.

It was then the party realized the truth of the situation..

…that the Ritual wasn’t a summoning, it was a sending. It was a spell for Time Travel and they had to go along for the ride…
Ec com91
Things got worse when Ryan found a pen and a blank piece of paper with his clothes and the dark power of his host took hold of him. The pen moved faster and more precisely than Ryan could have done on his own. Ryan looked down at what his master had made him do. It was an Intricately detailed Drawing of an Old Photograph. The Photograph depicts two men in the trenches of World War I. They are particularly Handsome Brothers. They were identified by Leif as Lord Romeo Montague and his brother, Mercutio.

Below the image is text scrawled in neat handwriting.

“One Must Live, The Rest Must Die

You Must Choose"

“Aw crap…” Ryan said as the party moved into the ritual circle.

As the spell built up, the party heard the worst latin in the world, magic words about “Quantities of fifty” and “one-thousand-nine-hundred and ninety-nine” It was only at the cresencdo after they said, “guitar” when the party recognized the song and facepalmed, “So take me away…I don’t mind… but you better promise me I’ll be BACK IN TIIIIIMMMMEEEE!!!” Then all went white…



Nice battle! Great to see you guys still going strong!


Just finished it. Sorry about that (my notes were on another computer). Going strong strong? Next session we get really started… BWAHAHAHA!!!