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GM: James



Transcribed by: James
In Game date: December 2008
Episode: 55

It was before sunrise at the Radcliffe Clinic on CAPITOL HILL and Police Commissioner Ronald Montgomery better known to the companions as the White Court Vampire, LORD MONTAGUE was in a hurry to leave. LEIF WOTENSEN, DETECTIVE ROY MULLENIX, and ZEBADIAH EINAR could hear him politely but firmly telling AUNT B that he was fine and that he thanked her for her assistance but he had to go immediately. They could see a mixture of White Court Vampires and police officers waiting to escort the police chief to his armored vehicle outside. EC_COM189.png

Zeb caught his old nemesis’s eye and told him they needed to talk. Exasperated Montague agreed but explained that he needed to do some fast damage control pointing out the news story playing on the TV. The talking heads were speculating about Organized Crime putting out a hit on the Commissioner which resulted in the “bombing” of the 13th Precinct. They suggested that Monty himself may have ties to Organized Crime and the hit was in retaliation for some slight. Everyone there knew it was much more serious than that though. The Fallen Angel, AZAEL, had attacked and nearly killed the White Court Vampire which resulted in the explosion that damaged the police building.

Assuring him it wouldn’t take long Zeb led them to the break room and locked the door. He told Monty about his daughter, DELILAH MONTAGUE’S recent activities and accused her point blank of being a traitor. He pointed out that she was involved in the death of JACK YOUNGBLOOD, turned over evidence that would convict SID ROUTMAN, and had managed to get Roy suspended from the Seattle Police Department. She was obviously involved with Monty’s deadly rival, AARON MERCER.

Monty assured the group that he knew all about Delilah’s activities and grimly told them that she would “be dealt with”. He also promised Roy that he would do his best to handle the Internal Affairs investigation and the detective would get his badge back soon. The group asked if he knew why the demon attacked him and he assured them that he had no idea. He had never met Azael before and knew nothing of him.

Leif and the others tried to read the reactions of the vampire but could detect no deception. The young doctor was a bit surprised at how quickly the police chief had recovered from his assault but realized that the wounds had been much less severe than they had first appeared. Montague was lucky and with his rapid metabolism he was nearly fully healed. His eyes gleamed with a silver light though and the young doctor realized that the vampire was likely VERY hungry after such an ordeal had taxed his inner demon.

As he was leaving the vampire informed Zeb that there would be a meeting of the Conclave of Emerald tomorrow night to address what had happened over the last few days. Specifically, they would address Chernobog attempting to take over THE PACK and the violence that resulted.

As the vampire left with his escort Leif noticed a hasty note that had been left in the break room from MATHEWWOOFRILEY saying that he had to leave and would reconnect with the group later. Leif and Zeb both could feel the slight tinge of Winter Fae magic. They realized that Riley had been summoned by his mistress, ODIANNA OF WINTER.

It was just after the commissioner’s departure that OSAMU NISHIMURA (西村修) rejoined the group. At Detective Mullinex’s request the monk had made his way to World Data Vault, where the video evidence of his daughter, MEGAN MULLENIX, taking bodies to dump into the Sound was backed up. If the police got a hold of this footage she could face the death penalty. Osamu had broken into the facility with ease but found that someone had beat him to the server rack. In the place of the rack he sought he found a note written in beautiful handwriting saying simply, “Too Late. ~D.” It smelled faintly of expensive European perfume. Roy was not amused and promised to rip Delilah’s gorgeous vampire head off. EC_COM190.png

After some discussion Roy decided to see if he could get in touch with his superiors in the Venatori Umbrorum. His immediate superior, RONALD PARKER Esq. IV had obviously been complicit in an attack on Jack Youngblood as well as two others but he hoped he could get help from someone else in the Venatori hierarchy. They were organized in an isolated cell system spread throughout the world’s cities and contacting them was difficult. But, he finally did manage to find an unnamed Venatori way station in Italy and spoke to a rude man with a heavy Italian accent.

He explained about the attack on the White Council Warden, Jack Youngblood and how it looked like they were under the control of White Court Vampires. The man listened and then said they knew of the situation in Seattle and that a team had already been dispatched to handle it. He then asked for a number to get back to Roy if anything else came up and the line went dead.

While the suspended detective was making phone calls Leif made the rounds of the overworked clinic giving Aunt B a chance to get some rest. He managed to save one patient when he noted that their allergy to milk would cause them to eventually react to the meds they had been placed on which could have caused them to go into a coma. It was something that was easy to miss and it was only because he was relatively fresh that he noticed it. He was also a big hit with some of the children of the clinic and in general lived up to his billing as “Doctor Hero”.

They also sent Osamu across the city to sneak into the 13th Precinct to get a sample from the arm that had been put into evidence there during the attack on the Youngblood home. It belonged to one of the Venatori and Zeb hoped he would be able to use it as a sympathetic link for him to track them down. They also asked the monk to take back Jack’s Warden Sword. Hopefully, JOHN FRANCIS YOUNGBLOOD JR. spirit was still attached to the sword and would be able to provide them with answers.

Aided by the damage to the precinct from the explosion Osamu had no trouble sneaking in and out with the items in question. However, as he made his way back to the clinic he had the feeling that he was being followed. He knew the area quite well and tried to catch his tail in the open by taking routes through areas that offered little or no cover. Despite his best efforts he only just managed to catch a glimpse of a shadowy figure following him in a reflection of a traffic mirror. Realizing that whoever was following him was almost supernaturally skilled at stealth Osamu gave up all pretense and ran as fast as he could the rest of the way home. His inhuman speed quickly left his tracker behind and he made it back to the clinic with little incident. EC_COM191.png

Meanwhile, Zeb had decided to check in on ABIGAIL WHARTON who had been the former host of the Denarion demon, Azael. Abby was very weak but she did tell Zeb something alarming. Apparently, Jack Youngblood and his sister, CAROLINE YOUNGBLOOD both had the blood of Fallen Angels in their veins. Which explained why they both had the rare and powerful ability to commune with and control spirits. They had inherited the blood from their mother, Alice, who had disappeared a decade ago. Azael had been trying to find her for years with no luck. Abby explained that there was no way that the demon would allow Jack to die. He was simply too important to his plans. She also warned Zeb to keep this a secret. There would be plenty of supernatural entities that would covet the Youngblood siblings if it ever became common knowledge that they had the blood of a Fallen in their veins.

It was around mid-morning when Zeb got a call from CRAIG BIG EAGLE asking if he and the rest of the group could help him protect The Pack from the influence of Chernobog, the Slavic god of wolves, winter and death. He had been researching with ADRIAN HUGGINS and figured out a ritual that would protect them by blessing them in Belobog’s name. According to myth Belobog is Chernobog’s brother and the god of the sun, summer and light and had defeated the winter god in the past. The only problem was that the ritual would leave the Pack weak and vulnerable and he needed someone to watch over them during the ceremony. DOZER had said that the companions were the only ones he would trust with the task. Zeb agreed to help.

EC_COM192.pngThe group made their way to the address Craig provided them although Zeb harbored some trepidation about the venue. It was an old warehouse in the UNIVERSITY DISTRICT that was not unfamiliar to the group. Two years ago SAWNEY BEAN had laid a trap for them in that same warehouse and they had barely escaped with their lives. It had been a slaughterhouse as Bean’s CANNIBAL THRALLS had murdered and eaten dozens of people and had even managed to capture and devour several Ghouls. Including VITALY KULIKOVA who they had had to rescue. It was a horrible place that would surely be tainted by the evil that had occurred there.

As they pulled up to the warehouse Zeb was surprised that his mystic senses detected no sign of taint. And then he noticed the strange meandering tracks through the snow and the sign of painted hieroglyphs on the side of the building and it all became clear. Craig Bigeagle had prepared the place well with a cleansing ritual. It was an odd mixture of several native traditions including homage to Tawa, the Hopi sun god. It looked to Zeb’s eye that Tawa was being used as a bridge to the Slavic sun god, Belobog. Zeb was impressed. It was never easy crossing such varying magical traditions in an effective way yet Craig had done so with great skill.

As they got out of their vehicles the group was greeted by Craig and a member of the Pack who called himself DIESEL. Diesel explained to the group that he was Craig’s apprentice. He hoped he would be able to provide the spiritual guidance the wolves needed to prevent anything like what happened with Chernobog from ever happening again.

Gypsy also spoke to Osamu and told him how she had been attacked by Dozer while he had been controlled by BARRY GOLDMAN. The murderous geek had grabbed her ass and she had knocked him flat on his. Before she knew what was going on Dozer attacked her and had almost taken her head off. Diesel had stopped him from seriously injuring her and then had been forced to flee when the Pack’s leader had turned on him. Gypsy looked tired but also extremely grateful that their ordeal might finally be over.

Dozer gruffly apologized to everyone in the group for his actions and told them that after this he had their backs. He and the Pack would owe them big time. Craig told them that he was hopeful about the ritual but one of the possible side effects could be that the wolf spirits that gave the Pack their ability to become wolves could be driven off. Leaving them powerless.

With that sobering thought the Pack entered the well prepared warehouse to begin the ritual. The group made their own preparations outside. Osamu scouted out the area working out what might be the best avenues for an attack while Roy readied a sniper position on the roof and Zeb and Leif both prepared rituals that would allow them to monitor the area.

EC_COM193.pngLeif got some of Adrian Huggin’s eye glasses and used a ritual that allowed him to see through the eyes of two ravens that appeared on the scene at his summons. They became his Hugnin and Munin acting as his eyes just like the fabled ravens did for his father, Odin. He sent them to circle the warehouse and the surroundings. Zeb meanwhile summoned an air elemental to patrol for intruders while Osamu and Roy stayed vigilant. Leif was the only one able to glimpse an intruder who escaped into a shadowy drain pipe before he could figure out who it was. The skill required to hide so well in the snow was impressive.

A few minutes after that Leif spotted 3 SUVs roaring up on their position. One of the vehicles stopped for a moment and 7 armed and armored men jumped out and broke off into the concealing treeline with well trained precision. The other vehicles moved to a warehouse across the street from the Pack and unloaded more armed figures. Half of them made their way to the roof of the building in covering positions while the second team made to charge right down the throat of the group’s defenses. From the military precision it was clear that the Venatori Ubrorum had arrived and wanted to eliminate The Pack.





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