DFFAE_ZebEinar02.png Zebadiah Einar, once famed as the Magma Kraken, was a rising star during the War of Kemmler. He managed to defeat one of Kemmler’s disciples but was struck down by the villain’s death curse. He was shattered both physically and mystically. It has taken decades for him to recover and the war against the Red Court has forced him to come out of retirement. The White Council has also tasked him with monitoring Jack Youngblood to keep him from straying.


DFFAE_MattWoofRiley.png Mathew “Woof” Riley is a Special Forces Operative that has served all over the world. Under mysterious circumstances he was forced to owe a great debt to Odianna of Winter. He is trying to escape from that debt as he is forced to go on increasingly dangerous missions by his Sidhe mistress. Riley recently discovered that he is a descendant of a Fae who joined the Great Hunt and fathered a child hundreds of years ago. He has spontaneously turned into a hunting hound although he has no conscious control of the transformation. At least not yet.


DFFAE_JackYoungblood2.png Jack Youngblood is a young Warden with a troubled past. As a child he rejected his overbearing parent’s and got into a lot of trouble with the law both mystical and mortal. This all changed when one of his rebellious acts led to the love of his young life being possessed by a Denarian Demon who nearly sacrificed his younger sister in a ritual that threatened the entire world. His father was able to drive off the demon but was left in a coma. Since then Jack has dedicated himself to becoming the best Warden he can be in honor of his parents.



DFRPG-SalDelgado2.png For years Salvador Delgado, orphan, struggling art student, bartender and defender of the innocent, has known he is different. He had no idea just how different until battling a fallen angel and discovering that he once was a Seraph. His Divinity had been stripped from him along with his memories and he is now mortal. But who did he serve? Heaven or Hell? Sal ultimately sacrificed his newfound life to defeat a Shikigami spirit ascending to the Arch-angel of wrath once again.


Ryan Delmont grew up as a gangly child prodigy who entered the University of Washington’s computer science department at the tender age of 16 and graduated three years later. While in graduate school he came across a file that he shouldn’t have and was murdered by the Russian Mafia because of it. He is now trapped in the supernaturally powerful body of his murderer because of a bargain with a mysterious God. But who has he bargained with and what does the mysterious deity want with him?


Adrian Huggins is the scion of Hugnin and Mugnin, Odin’s ravens. His heritage as a child of Thought and Memory gives him an insatiable curiosity for knowledge and a near-eidetic memory. He is constantly reading books, editing Wikipedia, addicted to TV-Tropes and an avid fan of all other sorts of information. He graduated with a degree in Library Sciences from U.W. and currently works in the Archives of the University Libraries. Ever since he discovered his shifter nature as a teen, he has done his best to suppress that part of his personality.


Ivan spent his youth in Soviet Russia during the height of its power, and strongly agrees with the Marxist philosophy. Ivan’s engagements with the ghouls of the Kulikova clan have led him to Seattle, the headquarters of Vitally Kulikova himself. Lacking in funds and unable to get his visitor’s visa extended, Ivan is now an illegal immigrant in the United States.


A native of Washington state Stacy Keene is a recently minted Warden and graduate of Ramirez and Dresden’s Warden Training Camps. She is a by the book personality who can be often found working at the archives of the Edinburgh Headquarter’s of the White Council of Wizards.


Silvio Khlores was a Duke of Spring before that court floundered and faded into legend. He joined Summer and was a loyal if difficult servant of the Seelie Court for a thousand years. He constantly cajoled the leadership of Summer to revive Spring with no success. But recently he discovered a way to gain Free Will and hopes to revive Spring again. Unfortunately for him his new found freedom came with a price. The new Summer Lady, Lilly, stripped Silvio of his favor in the court and appointed him as Ambassador to the Autumn Throne, a seat that has stood empty since before the city of Seattle grew around it.


DFFAE_RoyMullenix3.png Hero Cop Roy Mullinex is a family man with a loving wife and three teenagers. He was a rising star in the Seattle Police Department until a disastrous drug raid on what he thought was a gang hideout turned out to be a meeting of the Vampire Courts. Roy was one of the few survivors and this lead him to join the Venatori Umbrorum. He has since handled many of the “Strange Cases” that are the province of Seattle’s 13th Precinct.


Dfrpg osamu nishimura
A Japanese native, Osamu Nishimura spent most of his life studying at the Eastern Temple being trained in advanced martial arts. Having always had a fascination with American culture, he was sent to Seattle by the Eastern Temple supposedly to consult on a shikigami problem that had arisen. But what he may not realize is that he is a pawn in an ancient war between rival factions that have simply been using the Eastern Temple as their own battleground.


Sarah St. Claire is a former stuntwoman and actress. She has used her advanced mixed martial arts training to face monsters and demons that no one else could fight. And she had her cameraman film it. She has since become a cult sensation on the Youtube as a real life Buffy. Although so far no one believes her videos are real.


Fernando comes from an indigenous village in the foothills of the Peruvian Andes. His grandfather was a famous local shaman, from which he inherited his shapeshifting abilities. In addition to his traditional tribal education, his grandfather taught him how to use his powers, and asked him to go get a modern education in the city so that he could help his tribe in future interactions with city folk (who were increasingly encroaching into their traditional domains). Fernando did so, eventually going off to study biology at the University of Peru. At this time he started having premonitions of the future. One concerned disaster to his home village, but no one would listen to his words about it. His village was burned down and Fernando tracked the killers down. He ripped the arsonists to pieces and found out that they worked for a mysterious businessman in Seattle. Shortly afterwards, Fernando accepted a graduate scholarship to study ecology and systematics at the UW.


As part of Craig Bigeagle’s lodge Bruno Walsh became the avatar of the orca spirit, Yuquot. He is Jack Youngblood’s best friend and can often be found hanging out at his house eating ALL of his food or watching over his sister, Caroline. Yuquot’s appetite for physical experience is quite overwhelming at times and this can cause the large man to go into a frenzied rage under the wrong circumstances. When this happens Jack’s ability to commune with spirits is the only thing that has been able to calm the big man down.


Billy West is one of the many success stories that came out of the technology boom of the ‘90s, through sales skills, cunning, and luck he managed to build himself into one of the richest men in America. While at one time William fancied himself an adventurer he has since re-focused himself on business and community, leaving the death defying to the professionals. That does not mean the he has been idol however, in the past year William has made inroads with media outlets and supernatural fringe groups, he’s been moving chess pieces about the board but no one but him knows what his ultimate goal may be.


DFFAE_LeifWotensen.png Lief Wotensen is the Son of Odin although he bears little resemblance to his father. Lief doesn’t accept that his fate has been laid out before him by ancient prophecy of doom and destruction and he battles that assumption with great gusto. He is a good man who does his best to help others both as an intern at the Swedish Medical Center and as a warrior who will stand against any who would do harm.