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GM: Derek


Ec blood streets04

Transcribed by James
In Game Date: July 2006
Episode: 12

No plan survives first contact with the enemy. That certainly held true with the assault on the Cross Street Kings main house. Zeb’s ritual had the desired effect and the gangers were sleeping as Jack, Roy and Ivan slipped in the back door under one of Jack’s magical veils. Jack took the various weapons from the sleeping soldiers and moved to the stairs of the basement. EC_COM34.png Zeb covered the team’s escape outside. Osamu entered the basement through an impossibly small window while Roy had the team’s back with his shotgun ready. Osamu approached Bishop, who appeared to be asleep on a penis shaped couch, and planned on injecting him with a narcotic because he would have been unaffected by Zeb’s sleep ritual. Unfortunately, Bishop was ready for Osamu. The shotgun blast rang throughout the house, waking the slumbering CSKs as well as the 800 pound gorilla that was chained to the floor in the basement.

The CSKs were quite groggy so Jack and his party moved down to the basement stairs. Jack cast an illusion that the Pack were prowling around at the front of the house on their Harley’s, engines growling and guns going off. The Kings immediately made for the front of the house to face the wolves at their door. To add to the confusion Roy threw a pair of tear gas grenades in their midst.

Meanwhile Osamu faced off with Bishop who was swinging a baseball bat both of them trading blows. Osamu managed to bruise Bishop’s larynx preventing him from calling for aid. Ivan charged at them swinging his sledgehammer. Unfortunately, Ivan slipped over a discarded beer bottle and did not really impress Bishop. At least not at first. In the ensuing melee Ivan was eventually able to get the upper hand giving Bishop a concussion and bruising his collar bone with one mighty blow.

Roy continued to hold the top of the stairs taking down a couple of CSKs who were still bewildered by the phantom attackers and hadn’t realized until then that there were enemies in the basement. They fired back at Roy in a panic hitting nothing while he methodically blasted away at them with his shotgun.

Jack had made his way past the gorilla to Claire who had obviously suffered a great deal at Bishop’s hands. He began to attempt to pick the lock on Claire’s restraints. Bishop managed to startle Osamu making him jump a little too close to the gorilla who grabbed him and would likely have done a great deal of damage. However, Jack let loose with a powerful force spell that slammed his target into a wall, which allowed Osamu to escape, but also weakened its chains. Zeb then struck the gorilla with a powerful bolt of lightning further enraging it. Ivan slammed his hammer into Bishop’s chest knocking him right into the hands of the gorilla who proceeded to rip him to pieces. While the gorilla was occupied with that Jack carried Claire to the stairs where the party waited. Osamu managed to snag the ring from Bishop’s ravaged corpse.

Pouring his anger and fear into the spell Jack cast the mystical equivalent to a flash bang grenade into the midst of the confused gangers leaving them stunned. The party made it through the blinded CSKs intact escaping with Claire who was a total mess. They made their way to Aunt B’s so she could help heal Claire who had obviously been raped and beaten many times over the course of her incarceration.

After B worked her magic Jack talked to Claire and explained that he was going to have to Soulgaze her. He saw evidence of the crushing damage Claire’s ordeal had caused as well as how she had transformed a ganger into the gorilla in a panic lashing out when he tried to rape her. This went against the Laws of Magic but Jack saw that she could recover from the stain on her soul given time. He went before the White Council and advocated for her and the decided that she would be allowed to live under Jack’s supervision. They promoted Jack to Warden but demanded that Caroline be taken away from him and raised in Portland because his life as a Warden was too dangerous. After much argument and some convincing by his father’s ghost Jack agreed.