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Ec cauldron07
GM: James
Transcribed by James
In Game Date: September 25, 2006
Episode: 19

OSAMU NISHIMURA (西村修), who had fought heroically to hold the line all night alongside the SPD’s officers, was sent by DETECTIVE ROY MULLENIX to warn DOZER that his Lieutenant had been possessed by BLACK AGNES. It was his only option since the phones were down.

Osamu used his Ki powers to run as fast as he could across the city to LYNNE’S DEN in WEST SEATTLE. With the street conditions being what they were he would get there before any of Roy’s officers and he would have a better chance of talking to werewolf bikers than any cop. He managed to get to DOZER past all of his security and tell him what was happening but before DOZER could do anything about it LOBO issued a formal challenge for the leadership of THE PACK. Lobo claimed that he had lost the three pack members who went to the warehouse because Dozer was weak and was kowtowing to LORD MONTAGUE.

DOZER had no choice but to accept the public challenge even though he knew that he wouldn’t have a chance of winning. He sternly told OSAMU that his friends better have a way of dealing with Black Agnes or they were all dead. The Pack was probably one of the most powerful forces in the region and if it was taken over by the creatures that caused all the damage to Seattle it would be a disaster.

He gave orders to GYPSY to let the PCs in when they arrive and give them everything they need. They couldn’t be seen as interfering directly though. She said that LOBO already sent out a welcome party of wolves to intercept the party. Dozer told OSAMU that he had to make sure they got past LOBO’S minions. If they do they shouldn’t have problems making it to LYNNE’S DEN. GYPSY looked Osamu right in the eyes holding his gaze as she began to take off her clothes almost daring him to look down. Osamu, puzzled and embarrassed, started to stammer out a question when she winked at him and in a split second turned into a wolf. With a howl she took off in the direction of the oncoming party.

In the van, driven by MATHEW RILEY, the party grimly considered the coming confrontation with BLACK AGNES. They dropped SILVIO KHLORES off at a garden along with the brutally savaged VITALY KULIKOVA. The Summer Fae used his affinity for all things green and growing to open a gate to CAPITOL HILL in hopes that AUNT B could help the grievously wounded ghoul.

ZEBADIAH EINAR and STACY KEENE then began to prepare a ritual for binding the malevolent spirit back into the BOOK OF THE OUTER DARK in which she had been imprisoned for centuries. They held out little hope however given the time restraints and the madwoman’s great power. Zeb realized that Agnes had had little experience with the magics of the New World and decided on a strategy based on that. He got Stacy to make a very nicely crafted paper sculpture of a fish as a symbol of YUQUOT’S great appetite. It was hoped that the Whale Spirit’s hunger would allow him to strike a sympathetic vibe in Agnes because he knew that she hungered for flesh and lure her into the old tome. He placed the spiritually infused symbol inside the book and centered himself alongside his young ally. It was then that the wolves attacked.

Ec com19

Despite his heightened sense of alertness the wolves’ attack came as a surprise to Riley. The howls of the wolves in the rain swept night chilled him to the bone and the tree that slammed down in front of the speeding van very nearly crushed them all. Riley managed to dodge the tree but the van skidded out of control and crashed into a parked car on the narrow street. A huge werewolf landed on the front of the van and drove his head through the smashed windshield nearly taking Riley’s head clean off. All of the wolves’s eyes blazed with a sickly green light of madness that was obviously caused by Agnes’s black magic. Riley froze in fear once again confronted by his worse nightmare.

With a savage growl two werewolves tore through the rear doors of the van as if they were paper and chased Stacy out into the street. Zeb desperately fended one of them off using his Warden’s sword staying in relative safety inside. Riley managed to get a hold of himself and grabbing his M-14 jumped out of the van firing blindly. His bullets stitched up the side of a wolf that was too slow in evading dropping it with a yelp.

The wolves circled the group using tag team tactics to hit them from the darkness injuring Stacy’s arm. She reacted by sending a blast of power toward the one wolf she could see that was still fighting Zeb. She missed but the blast blew through the van and out the other side narrowly missing the elder Warden. Her target reacted quickly and disappeared into the night. Osamu arrived at this point providing the wolves with a new opponent. The wolves saw him as the greater threat as his aura flared with Ki and attacked to no avail.

Taking advantage of the wolves’ distraction Riley managed to dispatch 2 of them with his uncannily accurate gunfire. Zeb caught another one with a blast of power that sent the hapless werewolf flying for over a block before he slammed into a telephone pole with bone crushing intensity. The last wolf fanatically charged Stacy but she dispatched it by sucking all the heat out of the air with magic freezing the wolf to near absolute zero and it skidded across the street before shattering into a thousand pieces against the van.

Gypsy joined the party and after Riley managed to get it running again sat in the van’s front seat which allowed the party to get through the Pack’s lines of security. They arrived to discover that the battle had already started. Dozer and his possessed Lieutenant were already facing off in the pit of an abandoned skate park behind the strip club. It was a fight to the death with members of the Pack savagely cheering them on choosing sides and making bets.

Ec com20While Lobo’s wolf was extremely impressive weighing in at over 250lbs it seemed like he was hopelessly outmatched by the gigantic majesty of his opponent. Around 4 feet tall at the shoulder and weighing well over 300lbs it seemed like nothing could stand against the savage fury that was Dozer. But Black Agnes’s foul magic made for an equal playing field and sapped the strength of the mighty werewolf. The battle was ferocious with no mercy asked for nor given by either of the powerful beasts.

Gypsy quickly helped Zeb and Stacy up to a small watchtower that stood watch over the pit and its savage combatants. The first step in their ritual was to separate the madwoman’s spirit from Lobo and then to lure her into the confines of the book. Oddly, perhaps because she was distracted by controlling Lobo (but really because the GM can’t roll dice for shit), the two Wardens were able to force her into the tome after a lengthy contest of wills all the while Lobo savaged his former leader. The Pack witnessed the insane spirit of Black Agnes being pulled out of Lobo and saw the great power utilized to force her toward her prison as lightning and power struck and sparked all over the gladiatorial arena. Dozer, in a berserker rage, tore out Lobo’s throat with a savage snap of his fangs. With a great clap of thunder the book slammed shut and fell to the ground with a crash leaving the stunned werewolves speechless. Black Agnes was contained. She would be a threat to no one unless they read the book. Stacy immediately secured the tome with everything she could think to prevent that.

Dozer thanked Zeb and the party for saving him and his Pack from Black Agnes and told them that he owed them a great debt. He would support them in whatever manner he could in the coming confrontation with SAWNEY BEAN. He would protect his territory with everything he had.



I love, “because the DM can’t roll dice for shit,” I have had those days too…ahhh dice.


Yeah. I am notororeously bad at rolling dice. I use cards now. ;)